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Gala Games to Introduce Town Star Network Nodes

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Gala Games is building its own blockchain network with their Founder’s Nodes, but in addition they will soon launch a node network dedicated to Town Star. This will become the first Game Node license in the Gala ecosystem, and more projects will follow. The team will use the network power to run the game, while nodes earn rewards paid in the native TOWN token.

Town Star Node Licenses will have a limited supply, and will go for sale pretty soon. These nodes will work in unison with the existing 20.000 Founder’s Nodes. Those who run a Town Star Node will use their computer power to support the network.

Gala Games wants to build a decentralized network for and by gamers, meaning that gamers need to take responsibility to run the network, but also be rewarded for that. The license for Town Star is a first, but they want to introduce nodes for every game in their portfolio. For example, there will also be Mirandus Nodes and Spider Tank Nodes.

They didn’t reveal a price tag yet. However, they did mention that the Town Star Node License can be purchased with every currencies accepted by Gala Games. At the moment they accept GALA, ETH, BAT, and TOWN. The Founder Nodes currently cost 228.533 GALA. or $29.000 at the time of writing. Whether the Town Star nodes will have a similar pricing, remains to be seen.

GALA exclusivity

Gala Games considers making their NFTs exclusive to those who pay using their native GALA token. At the moment Gala Games allows users to buy NFTs within their ecosystem using ETH, BAT and their own native token GALA. However, the company considers to make GALA the sole currency for all NFT sales in their Gala Games ecosystem.

In a recent blog post Gala Games announced a renewed pricing system for their Founder’s Nodes, an independent blockchain run by the community. Instead of a price increase of $100 for every 100 node licenses sold, starting from October 1st the price will increase $500 with every 100 nodes sold. However, the maximum price someone will ever pay for a node would be $100.000. However, users will only be able to buy these nodes using the GALA token.

Internally Gala Games has already has discussions about making this change effective across the entire ecosystem. Gamers who want to buy NFTs for MirandusEchoes of EmpireTown Star or Spider Tanks can only use GALA. However, for now they will start testing with the nodes, starting from October 1st. When this works as they like, they will probably make changes to the NFT store as well.

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