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Chumbi Valley Discloses Seed Chumbi Prices and Begins Whitelisting

Chumbi Valley seen NFT sale

Chumbi Valley has announced the final NFT prices and other details of the upcoming Seed Chumbi sale. These NFTs will allow holders to hatch a limited edition Seed Chumbi that contains exclusive attributes and provides its owner with game-enhancing benefits. Only whitelisted accounts can participate in the first five hours of the sale. Otherwise, you’ll have to hope there’s still Seed Chumbi remaining. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Seed Chumbi whitelisting event that was scheduled to begin today was delayed for “a few days” according to this tweet from the team. They cite issues with the raffle platform they’re using. No further details have been made available about what will be required to participate in the whitelist raffle. Instead, they’ve announced an airdrop event for the CHMB token that will be vital to the game.

Chumbi Valley recently announced that they will be having a Seed Chumbi sale. The announcement discussed that there will only be 4096 seeds available for sale. Polygon wallets will need to be whitelisted in order to participate, however, we still do not know what must be done to be whitelisted. 

Chumbi Valley aims to blend key gameplay elements of Pokemon and Stardew Valley. Players will cultivate their land, nurture their Chumbi, and adventure across randomly generated terrain with their loyal Chumbi. Players will need a Chumbi to play the game, although they will receive a free, non-transferable Chumbi to start. Having a Seed Chumbi will provide players with permanent boosts to play-to-earn rates (no further details about exactly what that means yet) along with other notable bonuses. 

The upcoming Seed Chumbi is the first asset sale for the game and the token (CHMB) is not scheduled to launch until December. This is a fairly new project and there’s a long road ahead, but it’s an exciting concept and could become something memorable and engaging. 

How Much Will the Seed Chumbi Pods Cost?

Let’s get to the good stuff, how much are the Seed Chumbi going to cost? Let’s dive into the prices and other notable attributes about each rarity:

  • Rare: $290 USD, will receive a 15,000 CHMB airdrop
  • Epic: $690 USD, will receive a 33,800 CHMB airdrop
  • Legendary $1,490 USD, will receive a 70,000 CHMB
  • Mythic: $2,990 USD, will receive a 320,000 CHMB

There’s a lot more to learn about each of the above rarities. Check out this PDF from the Chumbi Valley team that provides more details about each rarity and the benefits of having one.

Each pod contains one Seed Chumbi NFT that grants the holder access to VIP events, beta gameplay access, eligibility for NFT drops, a higher play-to-earn rate, and a CHMB airdrop (as notated above). The community airdrop will take place sometime in December and there is currently an airdrop event taking place

When the time comes, visit to buy your desired Seed Chumbi. “Early December” is the only information available about the sale date.

You must win a spot on the whitelist by participating in the whitelist raffle (when the platform to participate launches). Watch the Chumbi Valley Twitter account for details. Whitelisted wallets will have a five-hour headstart to buy Seed Chumbis. Anything available after that will be available to the general public for seven days.

The whitelisting event ends on November 29th and the sale will be sometime in early December.

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an in-development blockchain game that will eventually launch on Android, iOS, and PC. Every item and creature in the game are tokens or NFTs. Players will nurture Chumbi, a mythical creature that is central to the game, along with tending their farms and exploring randomly generated terrain. 

The developers say they got inspiration from Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, and Zelda. The few visuals currently available from the game show the influences of those titles. The game is currently partially through stage 1 and still has a long way to go before there will be so much as a playable demo. However, it’s an interesting concept and one worth watching.

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