Mist Closed Beta Demo Selection Started

Mist NFT MMORPG BSC screenshots

The MMORPG Mist on Binance Smart Chain has started the selection process to gain access to their upcoming closed beta demo. A total of 900 players will be selected, while NFT holders and MIST token holders will receive priority spots. The Mist closed beta selection process will consist of 3 rounds, each taking 5 days.

To get all the details on the 3 selection rounds for the closed beta demo of Mist, we suggest you read the official blog post. Every selected player can play the game only during certain time slots, so keep that in mind when applying. However, players can win a slot in multiple rest rounds.

Those who have bought a Mist NFT or hold Mist tokens, will have guaranteed access. The lottery selection process is only for 300 players who have not invested in the project yet.

This Monday on November 15th at 2PM all Tier 4 and 5 NFT holders will get access. In addition everybody with 100.000 MIST tokens in their wallet. Next week more players can join, as tiers 3, 4 and 5 gain entry. In addition the threshold for MIST tokens will lower to 95.000 MIST. In the third round they will set the MIST token limit to 90.000 tokens.

If you’re interested to win an entry into Mist, you can join their campaign here. However, you could also just buy 100.000 MIST from the market. That would cost you roughly $20.000. Acquiring NFTs from the marketplace would possibly be your cheapest bet. Or keep your fingers crossed for one of those beta test positions. No matter whether you hold enough MIST or have the NFTs, you NEED to fill in the Gleam form.

What is Mist?

Originally started as a blockchain MMORPG, Mist has pivoted in recent months into an augmented reality metaverse. Once that includes the typical MMORPG aspects of adventuring, finding loot, and crafting.

Mist is an upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG that is heavily focused on NFTs, staking, and farming. The game uses the Unity engine, as well as the proprietary Mist NFT Game Framework (MNGF). Gamers can use their NFTs in the game, while they can choose from five playable classes. Ultimately players and their heroes need to battle their way through endless dungeons in search of NFT riches.

The five classes represented in Mist are the Crusader, Enchanter, Ranger, Shapeshifter and Witch Hunter. Each comes with a different play style, varying between melee combat, ranged combat and magic.

Beyond exploring dungeons and getting loot, players can farm and stake their MIST tokens in-game. They earn resources that will aid them in their journey. Alternatively, players can purchase farmland and livestock to earn rewards.

Players will be able to trade the NFTs they earn on an in-game marketplace or on 3rd-party platforms. The in-game currency exists on Binance Smart Chain. There is currently no release date for this exciting new game. Visit the Mist website to stay up to date on current developments.

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