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GenoPets Opts for Multi-Chain Token Launch

Genopets multi-chain token launch

The move-to-earn role playing game Genopets will expand its reach by making their economy multi-chain. They will launch the GENE token on Solana and Binance Smart Chain, selling the token through a variety of launchpads. The GENE token sale will conclude on November 18th through an IEO on ByBit and MEXC, the earlier mentioned IDO on Solana’s Raydium, and now also Impossible Finance on BSC.

Genopets going multi-chain is good news for those who were not eligible for the token sale on Raydium. This will introduce more opportunities to jump in early.

No matter where you buy the GENE token, its price for the token sale has been set to 0.80 USDC or BUSD. On Raydium they will sell 500.000 GENE tokens, while Impossible Finance will offer 450.000 GENE. Both ByBit and MEXC will have 250.000 tokens for sale. Because the GENE token will now be live on two different blockchains, the team worked with All Bridge to move the token over.

As mentioned earlier, the GENE token raise will take place on November 17th at 12:00 UTC and end one day later. Depending on where you want to buy your GENE tokens, there are certain requirements. You can read more specific details here.

What is Genopets?

Genopets is a Solana-based “move-to-earn” game that uses data tracked by a smartphone or fitness wearable to level up a Genopet NFT. Players can then summon their pet, and quest in the Genoverse to explore hidden lands, find loot, craft items, and battle with other players. This also means that gamers can walk around, level up their NFT, and then sell their progress on the public marketplace. That’s why they embrace the term: move-to-earn.

The play-to-earn economy of Genopets consists out of four elements:

  • GENE token – the governance and staking token for Genopets
  • KI token – the reward and utility token
  • XP – a state in the Genopet NFT metadata that can increase through activity
  • Gene Crystals – NFTs crafted from GENE and KI to accelerate and direct to the evolution of a Genopet

Players can purchase procedurally generated NFTs that serve as habitats through the upcoming Genopets Marketplace. However, they can also craft these using GENE tokens, KI tokens, and Gene Crystals. Habitats boost the XP a Genopet can earn, and unlock the ability to craft Gene Crystals while earning passive income in KI tokens. Habitats seem like they will become a major money maker in the game.

There’s some hype around the project, especially since it recent found some serious funding. Animoca Brands and Yield Guild Games are among the investors in the activity game.

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