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Craft to Earn in Journey to Godhood

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Journey to Godhood, the surprisingly well-done, Discord-based, play to earn game just added the ability for players to craft items from resources found on their adventures. Launched only two months ago, Journey to Godhood has continued to deliver a steady dose of updates and new content, including dungeons and a Halloween event. Now they take the next step with crafting.

An integral part of any adventure game is the ability to craft. And being an adventure game, Journey to Godhood delivers the first iteration of their crafting system to the players. Crafting in Journey to Godhood allows creation of item up to Tier 7 (currently the highest is tier 4), so this opens up three new levels of item advancement!

Note: Currently only crafting of Tier 1 and 2 items are enabled. Inventing will be active soon.

In order to craft, a player needs resources and GODT, the gold of Journey to Godhood. GODT is acquired via adventures in-game, or purchased for WAX on Alcor.

Players acquire crafting resources either through the in-game market, or by discovering their own in the dungeons. Journeying into the dungeons is dangerous business. Not for the low-level characters or solo runs Not only will you need a party for dungeon adventures, but you will also need dungeon keys. One to enter, and then a key to progress past level 10, with another key required every additional 10 levels after that. Dungeons are the only place to find resources.

Crafting and Inventing

Once you have resources and GODT, you can try your hand at crafting. Recipes for Tier 1 and Tier 2 items are known, but recipes for the higher tiers must be discovered via Inventing! Players invent by adding 4 resources of the appropriate tier to the Anvil, spending a little GODT, and trying their luck. If successful, the inventor receives a Divine rarity NFT of the item, plus a percentage of the GODT used to craft that item in the future! Inventing could be a very lucrative trade. But, of course, failed invention attempts result in the loss of the resources. Steelhand provided the following hints for inventors.

Invention Hints Ranged Weapons: Will always use 1 Wood & 1 Hide of its tier + 2 Random materials of any tier (its own and below). Ranged Weapon recipes will never use Metal. Melee Weapons: Will always use 2 Metal of its tier and 2 Random materials. Melee Weapon recipes will never have Wood. Armor: Will always use 2 Hide of its tier and 2 Random materials. Armor recipes will never use Wood.

For regular crafting, items require 4 materials, 10 of each. There is also an increasing fee of GODT based on the tier of the crafted item. There are no failures. You simply gather the materials, go to the blacksmith, select the recipe, and the NFT appears in your WAX inventory! As simple as that!

And though the ability to craft new NFTs for Journey to Godhood may dilute the existing market, the addition of three new tiers of equipment plus the rarity of the higher level ingredients should apply plenty of economic incentive for player participation in the crafting system.

Journey to Godhood crafting materials Tier chart

What is Journey to Godhood

Journey to Godhood is a Discord based adventure game that syncs with the WAX blockchain. Players purchase equipment in the form of NFTs, and begin their epic journey to achieve fame, fortune, and power. Players gain experience, and Godtokens (GODT) after winning encounters. For the bolder, more equipped adventurers, the dungeon awaits. With both peril and the promise of loot in the form of precious crafting resources.

Godtokens are used in-game for a variety of things, but they may also be exported to Alcor for exchange into WAX. Alternatively, staking Godtokens in-game provides you with daily GOVT. Being one of the top 50 biggest owners of GOVT gives you access to a private Discord channel where you can discuss game design plans with the dev!

Players are limited to a certain number of daily fights based on the size of their tent. Journey to Godhood also has a very interesting feature called Full Idle Mode. This allows players to automate their character! The character will go on random adventures and choose whether to fight or flee. Limited to three adventures per day, full idle mode requires at least a level 1 upgrade on the tent.

Players own all of the land in Journey to Godhood. Landowners receive daily income from adventuring players. Multi-accounting is specifically not allowed.

The game requires an initial investment for equipment, but after that you can play freely and cash out your coins at any time. You can read more in their official whitepaper.

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