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The Fabled Mintpass Sold Out Already

The Fabled homestead screenshot

The upcoming blockchain-based action RPG The Fabled has already sold out of their Mintpass, which they launched earlier this week. Each Mintpass for The Fabled cost 0.2 ETH and reserves two Fabled NFT characters. Pass redemption becomes available once the main character sale goes live.

Though still in the very early stages of development, Fabled has begun to generate some buzz with their Mintpass sale. This NFT is kind of like a pre-sale receipt. Owning it guarantees two characters from the main character sale. Mintpasses are ERC-1155 standard, so once created, they can be bought, sold, and traded like other NFTs.

There’s a total supply of 1000 Mintpasses with 800 available during this sale. Users can mint a maximum of 20 passes per transaction. However, multiple purchases are allowed.

Details about the game are still limited, but we do have some information about the different kinds of characters available. Twenty thousand total characters, split evenly between male and female. Characters have stats that affect gameplay, but also aesthetic attributes. Interestingly, The Fabled will feature a breeding system for characters.

What is The Fabled?

The Fabled is an open-world, action RPG in a fantasy setting. Players explore levels, fight monsters, and battle bosses. Gather loot, craft items, use them in battle. All of that good stuff you might expect from a Diablo or Dark Souls type game, but on the blockchain. Players use up their energy in-game, which replenishes over 24 hours.

Players venture into the Abyss when ready for adventure. Conveniently enough, a portal to the Abyss is next to every player’s home! Using the Portals to access the wilderness, home to ferocious monsters. Each level is its own world, complete with a boss to defeat at the end. Worlds differ in appearance and effects, with plans to include seasonal worlds for extra flavor.

Player’s Homesteads include farms for growing crops, crafting areas, and a customizeable house to show off all of your cool loot! The game will include an in-game marketplace. The game token and at least some of the items will be on the blockchain and tradeable outside of the game.

The Fabled has quite a bit of competition in this area, with games like Guild of Guardians already gathering a following. I look forward to reading more details about The Fabled and seeing what sort of unique ideas they will bring to the space!

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