First Presale for G-Bots Coming Tomorrow

Gbots artwork GMEE NFT

Gamee will have its first presale for the G-Bots NFT collection tomorrow. Players can use these NFT robots in the Arc8 mobile app, and enhance their play-to-earn potential through them. The sale will take place on Tuesday, November 2nd at 1PM UTC through the official website.

The will be the very first sale of the G-Bots, so there’s more to come. But if you want to own one of these NFTs, you’d better be ready. Gamee will only sell 1000 G-Bots in their First Edition presale. There will be four packs for sale, each of them with a 30% discount from the regular sale:

  • Common pack (70 GMEE, normally 100 GMEE)
  • Rare pack (350 GMEE, normally 500 GMEE)
  • Epic pack (1400 GMEE, normally 2000 GMEE)
  • Legendary pack (3500 GMEE, normally 5000 GMEE)

Those who acquire a G-bots pack, can’t open them yet. The opening event is currently scheduled for 30th of November 2021.

Buying GMEE and using G-Bots

At the time of writing GMEE is roughly $0.50. That means that the cheapest G-Bot costs $35 and the most expensive one has a $1750 price tag. It’s important to note that the GMEE required for the sale needs to be on the Polygon blockchain. You can either swap on QuickSwap, for example MATIC for GMEE. Or you can use the Polygon Bridge to move your GMEE from Ethereum to Polygon (expect some serious fees here!). You can also find GMEE on Kucoin, MEXC and Bitmart.

Once owners have their bots, they can stake them for passive income. Another option would be to use them in Arc8, the mobile play-to-earn platform. NFT holders can use their G-Bots in one of the 10 competitive casual games on the Arc8 platform. There will be one-on-one matches and asynchronous group tournaments where players can win GMEE. Additional Arc8 games and standalone games are in development.

Download Arc8

Arc8 is one of the latest play-to-earn sensations. The platform allows simple, competitive gameplay, and combines that with play-to-earn mechanics. Players can earn GMEE tokens by winning against other players or reaching a high position in the different tournaments.

Get Arc8 for iOS on the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

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