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Pepper Attack Brings Play-to-Earn Game to Polygon

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The NFT-powered game Pepper Attack has decided to move away from Ethereum and bring its play-to-earn economy to the Polygon blockchain. The community voted on the transition, which will delay development progress but will benefit players in the long run. Polygon allows gamers to enjoy faster and cheaper transactions on the blockchain.

Gas fees on Ethereum have been high for more than a year, but in recent weeks they’ve been consistently high. Paying a $10 or $20 gas fee to make one transaction is more rule than exception. The Pepper Attack community would experience lots of extra costs simply for buying Mystic Pepper NFT characters or claiming their MYTE tokens.

The move will be implemented on November 1st. Additionally on November 1st, the price will be raised from the current .07 ETH, to a new .15 ETH to buy any remaining Mystic Peppers. There are only around 3,000 of the initial 10,000 Mystic Peppers available.

Mystic Pepper NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain can be moved over to Polygon through a bridge page on the official website. Users can then bridge all their NFTs in one transaction. What will happen is that the Ethereum NFT becomes a Legend Medal, while the smart contract mints the original Mystic Pepper NFT on the Polygon blockchain.

Pepper Attack is an NFT based play-to-earn strategy game living on the blockchain. The first NFTs offered, the Mystic Peppers, are the only peppers that will ever be able to mine MYTE, the game’s token.

What type of game is Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack is an NFT-powered play-to-earn turn-based strategy game. To stop the evil Underlord of the Old World, five Pepper clans need to enter the Mythical World. Here players need to use their Pepper NFTs to battle through missions, while earning game items. Pepper Attack will feature both PVE and PVP rankings. This will allow top players to earn extra rewards and of course MYTE tokens.

Pepper Attack also comes with a PVP arena mode, where players need to use 5 characters. Furthermore there will be events for competitive players, where the pros get to battle against the Underlord’s army.

Each Pepper character in the game is an NFT, but the Mystic Pepper are the only ones that mine MYTE. Each of them has hit points, attack power, critical hit chance, defense, and dodge chance. These traits determine how strong a Pepper is on the battlefield.

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