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Decimated Drops Polygon in Favor of Solana

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After investor and community feedback Fracture Labs will build their play-to-earn survival game Decimated not on Polygon, but on the Solana blockchain. The team told Play to Earn that they also discovered that Solana allows them to write on-chain in C++, the programming language they already use.

The news of picking Solana instead of Polygon comes two weeks after the team officially announced a play-to-earn ecosystem for Decimated. The team will create a claiming system. Players can claim DIO tokens based on their older holdings on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, both the native DIO token and future NFTs will now exist on the Solana blockchain.

Decimated is a third person survival RPG in which players choose between playing a human citizen or a cyborg cop. Players have many ways to survive in this hostile world. Therefore, the game offers many opportunities to trade, gather, loot and earn.

What is Decimated?

In Decimated we have abandoned our planet after hundreds of years of catastrophic neglect of the environment. Political and social unrest have left the old cities decimated. Civilization has collapsed and destroyed itself, yet a cyborg police force still wields control over the wastelands. Players are either a cyborg cop or a human citizen.

Players can have all kinds of roles. Criminals, pirates, bounty hunters, drug lords, slavers, cannibals, mutated creatures, genetic experiments and malfunctioning robots all wander the wastelands. All competing for resources and territory. The cops enforce a totalitarian authority even after society is in ruin, while humans live in the wastelands.

Players can choose to play PvP or PvE. They can for example focus on collecting resources, repairing vehicles, or building bases. In addition, they could fortify shelters, collect bounties, ambush, loot or trade. Decimated is an online survival game in which players battle with and against each other for territory and resources.

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