Sandbox Game Rawbots Joins Vorto Ecosystem

Rawbots Interactive screenshot render

Vorto Gaming has welcomed the online sandbox game Rawbots to its ecosystem, as the developers of Rawbots will integrate blockchain technology and NFTs into their game. The Vorto Network taps into the network power of NEAR Protocol, meaning that NFTs and tokens will be compatible with other leading blockchain services like Ethereum, BSC and Polygon.

The developers at Rawbots Interactive describe their game as a robot crafting MMORPG. Players get to build and enhance their own robot as they explore vast planets, collect robot parts and create the ultimate fighting machine.

However, there’s a whole lot more to it. Each part of a robot is a collectible on its own, so you will understand that each body part, wheel or turret will be an NFT. Furthermore, each part can be customized through a programming interface. As a result players can make their Rawbot fly, swim, jump super high and so on. Players can also create their own designs, and mint those as an NFT.

There will be different worlds, each with its own set of rules. These rules influence gravity, physics and day-and-night cycles. Players can also create their own game modes, so yes, also these game worlds will be player-owned by using NFTs.

Lots of Rawbots action in 2022

Not going to lie. Rawbots got me excited, and personally I think Vorto made a good move. Currently the game states it will launch on Steam and in the Epic Store. But we all know now that Steam is no longer an option. However, the connection with Steam is quite historic, as the game was approved through Stream Greenlight back in August 2012. Yes, the developers have been working on this game for almost a decade already, and integrating NFTs and blockchain needs to push it to new heights.

Early March 2022 the Rawbots Interactive team wil relaunch their game with basic features, allowing players to build robots in sandbox mode. A few weeks later they will launch the marketplace where gamers can trade in-game assets and NFTs, followed by the launch of the RBOT token in April 2022. This token will become the main in-game currency. In addition the first NFT sale will take place, allowing players to buy their own in-game planets.

Rawbots will also integrate into a blockchain-powered social community on the NEAR blockchain, while there’s an Augmented Reality app in development. Through this app players can find new robot pieces to enhance or build their Rawbot. After all this, Rawbots isn’t finished yet. The early access version of the MMO game World of Rawbots will launch in January 2023.

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