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Guild of Guardians GOG Token Public Sale in Two Weeks

guild of guardians internal alpha test

Without a doubt Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated NFT-powered games, and they will have their public GOG token sale in two weeks. This public sale will take place in two phases, in order to cover different time zones. Users will need an account on Coinlist in order to gain access to the sale.

Registering for the GOG token public sale will end end on November 7th, and the sale will take place three days later. There will be two options for the sale, and both can be bought using USDT, USDC, ETH or BTC:

  • Option 1 – Nov 10th, 18:00 UTC – $0.10 per token – 50% after 40 days, remaining 50% with 12 month cliff
  • Option 2 – Nov 10th, 23:59 UTC – $0.075 per token – 12 month cliff from sale date

GOG Tokens are ERC-20 tokens which players can use as the in-game currency in the Guild of Guardians mobile game. However, in the game they might call these tokens Gems. In Guild of Guardians players can earn gems as a reward, players will also need gems to mint NFTs. In addition gems are part of the economic system, and integrated into all trading on the marketplace.

Only 6% of the supply of 1 billion GOG tokens will be available in the public sale. All earnings from both the private sale and public sale will go towards marketing efforts to promote Guild of Guardians once it hits the market.

Guild of Guardians gameplay explained

Guild of Guardians will offer a singleplayer campaign in which you control a team of heroes on your mobile device. Most likely there will be four heroes in each squad, but players only control one at the time. The computer controls the others. Most likely players can switch their characters.

Even though the game features singleplayer, they promote it as a cooperative game. In co-op raids players can work together, using their own characters, to beat a single boss. These will have the best loot. Guild raids require coordination to succeed and for example the power level or class of a character can influence the outcome. Each participants in a successful raid is rewarded, and therefore communication and strategy can be considered key.

Based on your team, some monsters are easier to beat than others. The composition of a team is important to counter passive buffs, debuffs and spells. While player buffs can also help team members to overcome challenges. There are also team buffs, for example by having a group of characters from the same class. For combat they got inspiration from games like Diablo, Hades and other popular dungeon crawlers. Dodging, light and heavy attacks, attack combos, and ultimate attacks need to make combat fun and intuitive.

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