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The Wasted Lands Brings Survival and Base Building

The Wasted Lands base building NFT warriors strategy game

Similar to games like Fallout Shelter, The Wasted Lands has players building a base in an effort to grow their community and survive the harsh environments of a post-apocalyptic world. Gamers can play the puzzle-strategy RPG game for free and earn tokens in the process, or boost their performance and expand their options with NFT characters.

Gamers who don’t acquire NFT warriors, can only play the PVE campaign of The Wasted Lands. However, when players want to dive into competitive gameplay, they will need an NFT. Tokens earned from the free-to-play mode will be locked, so players can’t cash out immediately. But play the game enough, and you will reach the threshold. Again, owning an NFT will cancel this limitation. However, players can sell items in exchange for WAS to give their holdings a boost and increase the speed at which they can buy an NFT warrior.

Once players have an NFT warrior, they will also unlock the competitive mode of the game. In PVP mode players can wage war with others, allowing them to win (or perhaps lose) more tokens. Likely players can perform raids in The Wasted Lands attacking someone else’s base. Therefore it also makes sense to defend their own home base against incoming attacks.

The Wasted Lands will launch a marketplace later this year, where players can buy warrior NFTs, pets and equipment. Next year they can fuse and breed warriors to grow or enhance their army. This will also allow for more customization and personalization.

The Wasted Lands takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The year is 2062 and an infection destroyed almost the entire human race. However, three tribes remained: the survivors, the hybrid and the Ex-company. Each of these tribes will have a different goal in the game world. Survivors want to reunite with their community, and this faction includes for example farmers, doctors and soldiers. The Hybrids however were once human, evolved, and have become immune. They have no intention to harm humans. Then there’s the Ex-company, a group of people who realized the dark side and decided to leave the Company.

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