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Hellraiser NFT Unlocks Dead By Daylight Content on Steam

The asynchronous online multiplayer game Dead by Daylight has announced an NFT based on Pinhead, from the Hellraiser movie franchise. The NFT has been issued in collaboration with Boss Protocol, a company that’s all about adding NFTs to fan-favorite franchises.

Boss Protocol has the Masters of Horror NFT Collection, and the Hellraiser chapter is their latest. There will be 10.000 Pinhead NFTs in this collection, each sold for 0.0666 ETH. Nice, 666. Anyway, the Pinhead NFTs come in different rarities, each generated through the blockchain. This will make every Pinhead unique.

Each Pinhead NFT will give the buyer exclusive access to future Masters of Horror drops. In addition, it will guarantee a bonus Lament Configuration Box NFT that unlocks future content. The rare, ultra-rare and legendary ones gives players access to the Hellraiser content in the game Dead by Daylight.

The deal with the Dead by Daylight Hellraiser content expansion only counts on PC, but this game is also available on Steam. Will Steam remove Dead by Daylight now as well, just like they did to Age of Rust? Nope. Likely you will just get a download code for the DLC content on Steam. Nonetheless, the original NFT owners can claim these characters, but they can never sell the characters to someone else once they claimed the code. Thanks Gabe.

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