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Wrath of Tezca Early Stress Test Coming Next Week

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The turn-based strategy game Wrath of Tezca will have a stress test for NFT holders starting from October 27th. Gamers who want to participate will need to acquire a Brown Tezca Coin NFT through for example Atomic Hub. Wrath of Tezca is a strategy game on the Wax blockchain, infused with play-to-earn mechanics powered by community investments.

In terms of gamplay Wrath of Tezca gives a nod to the classic, for example XCOM. Its play-to-earn economy gets its funding from in-game purchases, as a whopping 85% of all in-game revenue goes to active players through mission rewards.

If you want to invest in this game, Wrath of Tezca currently offers 3 chests for purchase; common, epic and mythic. Each of those contain enough warrior and equipment NFTs to play the game. Furthermore, each chest has their own drop rate percentage, and you should take this in consideration when making a purchase. This isn’t the first sales event, as all assets from the first sale are already available on secondary markets like Atomic Hub. No need to worry if you missed the initial sale; as there are more planned for the future. Those who are interested should join their Discord for vital announcements.

How to play Wrath of Tezca

When it comes to gameplay, the number one priority is gearing up your squad(s). Each squad(s) consists of up to 4 soldiers, all with 6 equipment slots. When your squad is ready, the player has the option of multiple missions with varying rewards. All of which can be cycled through at a cost, to find an ‘ideal’ map. During Alpha, Instant Missions will be implemented. Each with guaranteed success, and rewards that scale exponentially based on the power of your equipped solders. Thus, giving players early access to earnings. The chest rewards gained from these missions contain various treasures.

Alongside these treasures the game offers currencies and resources, for example Tezcoin, Hearth Wood, Bone Shards, and Magic Essence. Players can use these items to craft various NFTs to empower their army or sell for profit. Within the crafting system players can also break down any equipment NFTs they own into a random amount of treasure. Which can then be used to create more powerful weapons for your soldiers. Aside from Crafting and Combat Missions, the team will also include so-called Gathering Missions.

What else is planned

Further down the road they will have a land sale as well. Currently they have planned the land sale for Q4 2022, and during the land sale players can choose their location to purchase. Once they have land, they can make various upgrades to their plot. Landowners will benefit when they attract other players to complete missions on their land. Because the landowner will receive a percentage of the total rewards.

The development team also wants to make their game more social, by adding cooperative gameplay. If you’re interested in more details about Wrath of Tezca, please check out the whitepaper.

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