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Arcadians NFT Collection Launching Tomorrow

arcadians nft collection artwork

OP Games will launch Arcadians, their first NFT collection, this Tuesday October 19th. Each NFT will cost 0.055 ETH and there will be 10.000 NFTs available. The developers will use the acquired ETH to fund developers and to grow the OP Games ecosystem. We expect that these Arcadians will sell out fast, so let’s get you up to date on what this unique NFT collection has to offer.

Arcadians are NFTs made by OP Games, that’s the company that recently expressed their ambition to have 500 games in the OP Arcade by the end of 2022. The Arcadians NFT collection will tap into this ecosystem, giving them incredible utility across the wider ecosystem. These NFTs will also become part of a gaming-oriented play-to-earn economy.

You can see the Arcadians NFT collection as a Lego piece, and developers can build their games on top of them. Certain NFTs will have certain metadata tied to them, and based on that data these assets have benefits inside games in the OP Games ecosystem. This ecosystem will allow creators, developers and the community to work together on ideas, and co-create with each other.

While playing games in the OP Games ecosystem, NFT holders will level up their Arcadians. One of the demo games now available is the Avatar Battler, a tactical battle game for Arcadians. However, the full battle game will launch later this quarter.

Make sure to visit the official website if you want to join the NFT sale, and join their Discord to be involved with the community. OP Games is building a web3 version of Kongregate or Newgrounds, and the Arcadians NFT characters have a central role in this ecosystem. You can also take a look at the OP Arcade, which is currently in its alpha version.

Arcadians aren’t anonymous

It’s important to note that OP Games is not an anonymous group of developers, but an actual gaming company. It’s a professional team with backing from several venture funds, and they are quickly expanding their product. Arcadians is just the very first NFT product to hit the market.

Instead of putting the 550 ETH from the Arcadians NFT sale in their own pocket, OP Games will push the money to their partnered game developers, DAO’s and open-source engines that help them to build their virtual universe. For OP Games the Arcadians are all about giving wings to game creators.

However, don’t think that these Arcadians will be the only characters in the OP Games ecosystem. The team describes them as their genesis NFT collection. It’s very well possible that the team will introduce more (themed) characters in the future.

The road ahead for the Arcadians

The launch of the Arcadians NFT collection is just the first step. In the weeks to come the team will launch an open-source auto battler. This game will allow NFT holders to use their Arcadians in battles against other NFTs. Before the end of the year the team will also launch an Arcadians Multiverse comic by Josh Blaylock from Devil’s Due Comics.

Even though not ready yet, the team will unveil 3 games that will feature the Arcadians before the end of December. While the team will launch its first full game in Q1 2022, which will introduce breeding and combat mechanics to a layer-2 play-to-earn game.

Get ready for the launch of Arcadians, because OP Games is making big moves into becoming a worthy player in the play-to-earn ecosystem. Arcadians are coming to you on Tuesday, October 19th 2021. Keep your eyes on the countdown on the official website. The sale will commence at 23:00 or 11pm UTC, while minting an Arcadian will cost you 0.055 ETH.

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