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Kingdom Karnage to Introduce KARNAGE Tokens

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The NFT-powered turn-based battle game Kingdom Karnage will get its own game tokens, KARNAGE. The ERC-20 token will replace the in-game red gems, and in addition the token will gain more utility over time. Players will be able to earn KARNAGE, or spend it on packs, renting assets, or access to special dungeons and tournaments.

Kingdom Karnage is a turn-based battle game powered by Enjin. In their blog post Kepithor Studios announced that the introduction of the KARNAGE token had everything to do with the play-to-earn revolution. They see this business model as the future of gaming.

The game already moved from Ethereum to Enjin’s Jumpnet sidechain solution. This makes earning and sending NFTs much easier. With the introduction of the KARNAGE token, the team wants to rewards players more for their efforts. For example, rewards for the monthly Kingdom Karnage PVP leagues will increase, while certain game modes will introduce KARNAGE tokens as a reward.

KARNAGE will exist on both Ethereum and Jumpnet. The team will reveal more details about listing the token on decentralized and centralized exchange at a later date. Players interested in getting started with Kingdom Karnage can find the game on Steam and in the Google Play Store.

What is Enjin’s Jumpnet?

The sidechain solution will make it possible to move entire game economies over, benefiting from faster and free transactions. Jumpnet is a high-speed bridge network that allows users to transfer tokens and ERC-1155 tokens free and instantly. Basically it’s a private version of the Ethereum blockchain, that connects to the Ethereum mainnet through bridging technology. Gamers can enjoy free transfers on Jumpnet, but always move value from the sidechain to the main Ethereum blockchain.

They can also mint and trade ERC-1155 tokens for free, while sending and receiving ENJ tokens is completely free. Initially the road from Ethereum to Jumpnet is one-way, but it will become a two-way street. 

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