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Doctor Who Officially Moving to Polygon

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Reality Gaming Group has announced that their trading card game Doctor Who Worlds Apart will officially come to the Polygon blockchain. This will mean that Doctor Who gamers can tap into an existing thriving ecosystem, while the game gets to use a blockchain with fast and cheap transactions.

Until now the Doctor Who trading cards existing on a private sidechain, allowing players to trade their NFTs. However, moving the Doctor Who Worlds Apart trading cards out of the game’s ecosystem is nearly impossible, as the costs to bridge those assets to Ethereum are just too great. Now, moving those cards from Reality Gaming’s sidechain to Polygon, that’s a lot cheaper.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart is currently still in development. However, players who own a Founder’s Token can get access to an early version of the game. Simply download the game launcher, only available for Windows 10 computers right now. Pre-alpha Early Access to the game will launch before Christmas, while closed beta will happen early next year.

Those willing to get in on the card sales, should know that all cards from the first season are already in distribution. However, the team customizes the frames of those cards all the times. For example, on October 21st they will launch the Edge of Reality premium pack. This pack will introduce The CyberReaper frame, and 5 cards from the Unearthly Origins.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is a trading card game that taps into the rich history of the BBC television series. The game, like the TV series, has elements of time travel. It combines characters and events from different timelines in the series. The Doctor Who card game runs on an Ethereum sidechain, making the user experience from a player point-of-view a lot better. Gamers don’t need to deal with transaction fees, for example.

What is Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is a trading card game made by Reality Gaming Group and licensed by BBC Studios. The card game is based on the BBC television series, Doctor Who. It features unique artwork from the early and modern days of Doctor Who.

The Doctor in the TV series turns out to be extraterrestrial, but appears to be human. He travels through time and space using the Tardis, a time travel machine that looks like a blue Police Box, and has all kinds of adventures. The first episode aired in 1963, hence the price point for the Tardis Pack and the number of founder’s tokens.

Reality Gaming Group and the BBC will release Doctor Who: Worlds Apart as a free-to-play game. Players can buy cards based on the entire Doctor Who universe. They can then use their collection to build a deck and battle against other players in one-versus-one battles.

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