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Town Star Introduces First NFT for New Tokens

town star token solar panels NFT

Hours after launching Town Star and its play-to-earn mechanics, Gala Games has announced the first NFT that can only be acquired using TOWN tokens: Solar Panels. It’s the company’s first effort to allow gamers to put their TOWN token earnings to use by spending it in the game, and the good news is that these NFT solar panels also generate TOWN tokens when used in the game. It’s a win-win situation.

Solar Panels generate power for your farm, but without the pollution. Owning Solar Panel NFTs will make certain processes a lot easier, ranging from gasoline production to cutting lumber or baking cakes. Apparently solar panels can also be replaced, allowing players to shift their production focus when and where needed.

Players who have enough solar panels, will not need to store energy. This saves resources, and would allow players to optimize their tactics. The bigger the solar panel is, the more in-game power and TOWN tokens it generates.

All Town Star NFTs generate TOWN tokens, but some generate more than others. What’s interesting is that Vox NFTs will also generate TOWN tokens when placed in the game world. However, players do need to complete their daily challenges to be eligible for the daily TOWN token airdrop.

Town Star getting play-to-earn

In essence the play-to-earn mechanics for Town Star will be very simple. Owned in-game items will become eligible for an added bonus of earning daily TownCoin (TOWN) allocations. NFTs that you can use in Town Star will earn TOWN tokens based on their on-chain rarity. However, you do need to play Town Star, because you need to place these NFTs in your farm. Players who don’t complete the daily challenges, won’t receive the daily rewards.

The ability of add NFTs to your farm isn’t limitless. Players can increase the amount of NFTs they can place, by increasing their Gala Power. This measurement is based on the amount of GALA in a wallet, but also on factors like NFTs, account age, TownCoin holdings, referrals and so on. There’s a whole range of criteria that play a role, and of course this might shift a bit over time.

What is Town Star?

Town Star is a competitive farming game from one of the co-founders of Zynga, the company behind Farmville. They built the game on Gala’s own network, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Players need to grow crops, gather resources and create materials to build even more buildings. As a result a small farm can grow into a town full of activity. Anybody can play Town Star in their desktop browser on the Gala Games website. Just make sure your ad blocker has been turned off.

What’s interesting about Town Star, is that the game is very competitive. Each round normally takes one week, and that means that players have one week to optimize their farm and earn the most points. Only the top players get rewarded. These rewards are normally GALA tokens, even though they’ve had some alternative prizes as well. These GALA tokens have real value, and can be used to buy NFTs. NFT buildings can help players to store more resources or otherwise improve their production flow.

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