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The Six Dragons Moves to Jumpnet with New Tokenomics

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The open-world role playing game The Six Dragons will move over to Enjin’s Jumpnet blockchain solution, while also introducing new tokenomics. The migration to Enjin’s gas free blockchain solution will happen between October 12th and 14th, and existing players will need to link their Enjin wallet again.

Game studio Blockpegnio will move all blockchain services to Jumpnet. This means that crafting, enchanting and trading will all utilize Enjin’s sidechain solution. Gamers can move NFTs and tokens from Jumpnet to the Ethereum mainnet by using the Enjin bridge. However, this will require users to pay a gas fee if and when they want to do it. It’s not something that’s necessary.

Keep in mind, items on the Ethereum mainnet will still be usable. So there’s no need to spend money on transferring items over to Jumpnet. The Six Dragons will automatically scan your wallet on both Ethereum and Jumpnet.

Blockpegnio decided to move some NFTs over by airdropping them to players on Jumpnet. Those who hold a Governor’s NFT, MFT, any recipes, materials, consumables or TSD tokens, will receive the same on Jumpnet. This will automatically make the items on Ethereum useless. However, they won’t move over equipment because those items are crafted by players and therefore unique.

All old NFTs or tokens on mainnet will be labelled as “MeltMe”. The Six Dragons will allow players to destroy these assets and receive the backed ENJ tokens. The development team considers this a gift to those who jumped into the game early. New tokens on Jumpnet will have smaller amounts of ENJ as backing by the way, because the value of the ENJ token has increased considerably.

What’s the benefit of Jumpnet?

With crafting and enchanting moving over to Jumpnet, there will still be fees for performing these actions. However, gas costs will be zero. Players can also still choose to keep their assets off-chain, while the minting process to an on-chain items will be free thanks to the specific functionalities of Jumpnet.

With the move to Jumpnet, players holding Governance NFTs will also be rewarded. All fees generated from player actions in the game will get pool in the Governor’s Public Wallet. Thanks to smart contracts every Governance NFT will receive a portion of these fees on a weekly basis. In the future this might become a daily process.

In addition these Governance NFTs will receive two other tokens: governor’s The Six Dragons Token (gTSDT) and eternal The Six Dragons Token (eTSDT). These tokens will also be automatically distributed. The gTSDT will become a liquidity tool for the Governance NFT, as 5000 gTSDT can become one Governance NFT. Furthermore, players can use the eTSDT tokens in-game, but details have not been revealed yet. Both tokens are utility tokens and will only be exchangeable in-game.

What is The Six Dragons?

The Six Dragons is an open-world role playing game, build using Enjin. Because of this, the game allows players ownership over every item they find, create or buy inside or outside the game. Adventurers can dive into an open world filled with randomly generated dungeons, or gamers can become a trader and sell their goods to other players.

Players get to discover 256km2 of open-world, full of surprises, one billion dungeons, and items to craft that they will truly own. Adventurers without arrows in their knee, get to participate in a player-owned, decentralized economy with real-world value.

To be able to create items and resources, players will need to own the recipe. As soon as players have the necessary materials, an item can be crafted. They can do this at crafting station. Here the game checks whether the players owns the needed assets. After the blockchain confirms the transaction, the player will receive a newly created item. This is all done in-game. In addition players can manage their items using the Enjin wallet on their phone.

Even though The Six Dragons is a singleplayer game, its economy is still online. This means that players can trade their acquired items on open marketplaces, and in addition enhance these items as well. As a matter of fact, players could potentially make it their virtual profession to enhance items and sell them back on the market. Play-to-earn mechanics are available inside The Six Dragons.

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