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Neopets Getting Their First NFT Collection

Neopets NFT collection Raydium Solana

Neopets has partnered with Solana-based market maker Raydium to launch an NFT collection based on 20 years of history and lore. For JumpStart Games the expansion into the NFT space is a first. They will launch a collection of 20.500 algorithmically generated Neopets NFTs, each different backgrounds, assets, clothing and personalities.

The Neopets NFT collection will launch on Raydium’s DropZone launchpad. They launched this to promote NFT projects on the Solana blockchain. At the moment these Neopets will just be collectibles. However, considering that the meta data is attached to the NFTs, these assets could become game items in the future.

JumpStart Games and Raydium haven’t shared an official launch date yet. However, according to the press release they will aim for a launch somewhere mid-October.

Brand revival through NFTs

Many people who are now active in crypto, have lived through the early days of Neopets. By moving into NFTs brands hope to revive some of their former glory, and that’s not something unique. Last week we already wrote about Habbo Hotel launching their Habbo Avatars, again a product that had its big breakthrough in the early 2000s.

We also see this with Atari, a gaming brand that has more history than market share in the gaming industry. They have now launched their own console which offers web3 support, they have a location inside Decentraland, their own ATRI token and of course several fashion items or wearables. In terms of revenue this doesn’t not put them on par with Electronic Arts or Activision Blizzard, but they are clearly experimenting to build a stronghold at the new frontier of web3.

There’s a whole lot more happening in this space. Marvel has been busy releasing comics on the VeVe marketplace, which will move over to Immutable X. With The Outer Space Men, Street Fighter, and Saw, the Wax blockchain has been home to various NFT collections that tap into fandom and nostalgia. Not to mention the collections from Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.

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