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Racing Time Brings Car Customization to Flow Blockchain

Racing Time Flow race game

Racing Time is a next-gen racing game in which players can to customize their race car using NFTs, ranging from skins to parts of the virtual engine. This game will come to the Flow blockchain, each cars has 50 parts and gadgets to customize and upgrade, and the team emphasizes that this will be a full game.

Racing Time describes itself as a RAC racing game with two core game experiences: racing and modification. Even though the two tie together nicely, the team believes that a perfectly tuned car will become a focus on itself.

The game features a PVE storyline which allows players to unlock essential parts of car modification. In addition there will be various PVP modes to battle other players. There will be seasonal events, off-road challenges, a Tour de France for super car owners, ladder tournaments, and triathlons where a team of 3 cars drives on the highway, muddy roads and for example snow.

This race game will also feature social elements through a guild system. Players can group up in Racing Time, and then battle in teams against other guilds. In their first blog post Racing Time made very clear that they don’t want to become another Need for Speed copycat.

Car modification sure is important

Racing Time will give players two types of items to work with: items that make you look cool, and items that alter the performance of your car. Gamers can collect rare accessories by attending special events, winning tournaments or from blindbox sales. They will have the first of these sales late October.

However, Racing Time really wants to set itself apart with their car modification system. Tuning will be big. Suspension system module, engine module, transmission module, brake module, nitrogen tank module and jet power module are the six core modules that can be used to substantially enhance your car performance. You can upgrade all of these modules based on the quality of your car.

Initially your car will only support grey (common) modules. Therefore players will need to collect the design diagram for a green quality car. Unlocking this, will add support for green modules. With blue, purple and orange quality items, there are plenty of tiers to level up your cars.

Every item is an NFT, and these can be merged. How this technically works, remains to be seen. But it’s clear, when you sell your Racing Time car, you’re actually selling dozens of NFTs in one package.

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