Cometh Moves to Passive Income in Transition to Beyond

Cometh Beyond MUST token GameFi

The GameFi game Cometh is transitioning into a better and improved version that we now know as Cometh Beyond, but first there will be passive income. The yield farming game will move more towards passive income, and starting from October 4th there won’t be any new asteroids with minable LP-tokens. The Cometh game and rental features will be progressively decommissioned until they completed the upgrade.

Since Cometh’s launch in February, the GameFi game has ran into some issues involving scalability and the rise of bots. That’s why the team will introduce a player journey that sort of verifies how human a player is. There will also be elements of governance, politics and guilds coming to Cometh. In addition Cometh will become completely free-to-play and compatible with smartphones.

However, that’s the future. In the present Cometh will switch things up a lot. Starting with no more LP-token carrying asteroids. On the 15th of October they will airdrop LP-tokens from the MATIC-MUST ComethSwap LP pool to ship owners. These shop owners need to stake their MUST tokens for at least one week to be eligible.

Passive rewards on ship NFTs

Players can use one of their ships or multiple. That doesn’t matter. However, for a ship to qualify, players need to have the right about MUST staked. The rewards are cumulative as long as you have the right amount of MUST. The system will give rewards to the ship that gives the best rewards.

  • Common Spaceship in play and stake 1 MUST for a week to get ~33.3% APY on the MUST value staked
  • Uncommon Spaceship in play and stake 4 MUST for a week, get ~41.7% APY on the MUST value staked
  • Rare Spaceship in play and stake 55 MUST for a week, get ~45.5% APY on the MUST value staked
  • Mythic Spaceship in play and stake 68 MUST for a week, get ~49% APY on the MUST value staked
  • This airdrop will happen on a weekly basis every Friday until the release of Cometh Beyond

Why is this happening?

Passive income is fun, but not as fun as an actual game. Why are they taking Cometh offline? Well, the team wants to focus on Cometh Beyond, the improved version of the game. As long as Cometh remains online there will be maintenance time and efforts. This system with passive rewards allows the team to reward loyal players, without losing focus on the development of Cometh Beyond.

A new game mode in Cometh Beyond

Cometh Beyond will feature a completely new game mode that needs to provide a new dynamic for Cometh gamers. Battles and Piracy is a battle mode which involves the spaceships, their crew members, their perks and new items. Players will be able to literally pirate each other’s ships.

In the core game of Cometh players can challenge each other when they are close enough, and in certain zones. Some of the tokens that players find on asteroids will always remain at risk of piracy, until the ship drops it at a depot. That’s also where guilds come into play, and they should enforce justice in zones where they determine the law.

The addition of this mode will also mean that the universe in Cometh will be filled with all kinds of resources. The solar system will also contain buildings providing certain services. Players will need to hoard resources, and then go to certain locations to either store their assets, trade them or use them to craft other items.

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