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Chumbi Valley Doing Airdrop for CHMB Token


Gamers who want to get in on the gorgeous looking role playing game Chumbi Valley, will need to cross their fingers to become part of the token airdrop. The developers will give away 4.8 million CHMB tokens with a total value of $480.000 to the community. They will organize various airdrop contests for their loyal community members.

Chumbi Valley’s CHMB token will now be airdropped to the community as a gift. The team no longer has plans to do an IDO. Those interested in these airdrops should keep their eyes on the Chumbi Valley socials: Twitter, Discord and Telegram. There’s no date yet for this airdrop.

Originally the team wanted to gamify the entire process of the airdrop, and make it into a play-to-earn experience. However, legal advice removed all the fun. The Shrine of Giving will now become a staking system for the CHMB token. Players will earn interest (APY) on their staked tokens, and if they add their Chumbi to the shrine, the APY will increase. A very happy Chumbi can become a very prized commodity.

Talking about NFTs, there will also be land for sale in Chumbi Valley. These parcels will go for sale to early-bird community members. According to the official litepaper the land parcels will be located at prime locations in the game world.

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an in-development blockchain game that will eventually launch on Android, iOS, and PC. Every item and creature in the game are tokens or NFTs. Players will nurture Chumbi, a mythical creature that is central to the game, along with tending their farms and exploring randomly generated terrain. 

Players will spend their time in Chumbi Valley tending their gardens, exploring randomly generated terrain, and raising (and battling) their Chubmi. Chumbi are mythical creatures that inhabit the forested valley. They “have a spiritual connection to the forest” and come equipped with various spells to protect it. 

Gameplay is split between three main activities: homebuilding, exploration, and farming. Homebuilding begins as living off the land, but players will be able to clear the forest and build their own home. When in the mood to explore, players can power up an ancient portal to explore randomly generated terrain, where they can find rare NFTs. Seeds can be grown into crops, which require regular watering and can become Chumbi food. 

Once you’ve got your hands on a real Chumbi, you’ll want to level it up and keep it happy. When assigned to the Shrine of Giving (an upcoming stablecoin savings account), a happier Chumbi will have a higher APY. You can level your Chumbi up by battling Cursed Chumbi (NPCs) or other players. Chumbi can also learn and level up spells, which allow it to generate tokenized resources while you are offline. 

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