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MotoGP Ignition Getting First Play-to-Earn Game Mode

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NFT collectors can soon use their MotoGP Ignition collectibles in a play-to-earn game mode. MotoGP Ignition: Card Champions is a fantasy sports game mode, allowing players to earn NFTs, REVV tokens and other prizes. There will be different events, ranging from a duration of 3 days up to 18 days.

All gamers need to play and compete in Card Champions is two NFTs from the MotoGP Ignition collection. This would include the Hot Shots series, that’s for sale right now. Players will be able to access to game mode through the official MotoGP Ignition website.

Like in any fantasy sports game, the performance of a collectible NFT card is connected to the performance of the real athletes. A player needs to commit at least two cards to the Card Champions game mode, and they need to pay a REVV fee to participate. All cards can be used, but using a Bike and a Rider card will earn players the most points.

  • Bike – 100% pf the points
  • Rider – 100% of the points
  • Team – 80% of the points
  • Video – 60% of the points

Within these different types of NFTs, there are also different ways the cards synergize. This will impact the point rating as well. For example, Rider A and Biker A gives a 200% point rate, while Team D and Hot Shot D only give 140%. Having the highest point rate doesn’t automatically mean you will also win.

Lastly, card rarities don’t influence the point performance. Instead rare MotoGP Ignition cards will give a boost to the REVV rewards someone can earn from playing Card Champions. Yes, this also means that REVV will finally come to the Flow blockchain before this new game mode launches.

What is MotoGP Ignition?

MotoGP Ignition is a blockchain-powered racing management game with digital collectibles. The official MotoGP licensed game will offer two experiences: collection and competition. Competition will allow players to compete on the track, while the collection element revolves around players collecting all riders, champions, and bikes the game has to offer.

MotoGP Ignition obviously is a blockchain game, and therefore the amount of digital assets is limited. As a result everything gets a certain value, and players can trade their acquired items as they like. 

This motorbike racing game is part of the REVV ecosystem. REVV is a cryptocurrency token that’s all about rewarding players, but it’s also needed to acquire items and make purchases. Currently REVV is already in use for F1 Delta Time, and more games are coming.

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