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A First Look at Wonderman Nation

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With the success of Axie Infinity it is no surprise that other games might try to copy a winning formula. Wonderman Nation openly admits that their gameplay is styled after Axie, but with a Final Fantasy flair. Wonderman promises exciting combat, unlimited creature and ability combos via breeding, and a play-to-earn ecosystem. So let’s take a look!

Still in the early stages of development, Wonderman Nation is run by an team that claims experience in all stages of game development as well as TV and film production. The game will use ERC20 and ERC721 tokens on the Polygon network. They also mention Phantasma Chain, so presumably that will be involved also.

Arcadians, the creatures in Wonderman, are all NFTs. Players assemble teams and send them on adventures. Gameplay follows a turn based format. Players choose their actions before each turn and then watch the combat unfold. Players also battle the Hometown Team in PvE mode, while the developers promise that the game environments can affect gameplay. Furthermore, positioning is important as creatures can choose to occupy offensive or defensive terrain locations. This will allow them for example to cause boulders to roll around, crushing their foes!

Loot from battles includes Food (used for Breeding) and Spaceship part NFTs. Assembling the spaceship parts into a ship allows adventurous players to explore new planets and discover all new creatures!

Note: A token called $ARC is also mentioned as a potential loot token, but it there doesn’t seem to be any further information about it.

Token Sale Info

The whitepaper refers to two other tokens, Wonderman ($WDMN) and Nektr ($NKTR). Required for Breeding, $NKTR fills the same role as Smooth Love Potions. $WDMN will be the governance token. Both will appear as play-to-earn and staking rewards.

Though not specified, I would imagine that $WDMN is the offering for their upcoming token sale. There is very little information about the sale, aside from the fact that joining the whitelist for the sale requires actions you would expect for a typical media, shilling campaign – not a professional token sale. To get ‘first rights’ in the sale, you must re-tweet a post about the token sale, join their Telegram sale and sign up for their newsletter! Not something you would normally ask of investors.

The company is new, posting their first tweet on September 6th. Filled with lots of exciting images and buzzwords, their whitepaper and pitch deck offer little substance. Though not uncommon in the blockchain space, putting hype before substance is a tricky gambit. The Wonderman team will need to deliver a more thorough whitepaper and/or show significant signs of app development in order to attract and keep more followers.

You can read more about Wonderman Nation on their official website.

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