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GeekyAnts Joined to Create Interface Soccer Manager Elite

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Xaya has teamed up with development studio GeekyAnts to make Soccer Manager Elite the most accessible, decentralized sports management game it can be. They’ve already been working together in the background for a couple of month, but just recently decided to unveil the collaboration.

Xaya needs the help from GeekyAnts to make Soccer Manager Elite work for as many interfaces as possible. The game already runs on Windows PC, but will also come to mobile and web platforms. Therefore GeekyAnts will make the entire game run as a responsive app, created using Flutter. GeekyAnts is also involved in the development of the Flutter toolkit, making them very committed to the tech.

Above everything, Flutter is completely opensource. Therefore the toolkit fits the ethos of Xaya. According to the blockchain developers the new mobile, web and desktop version of Soccer Manager Elite will be ‘coming soon’. They expect the next Soccer Manager Elite beta test to launch this year.

What is Soccer Manager Elite

Soccer Manager Elite is a sports management game running on a decentralized ecosystem. Even though it’s a game, it also features decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and decentralized exchanges (DEX). This sounds complicated, but things become easier when you imagine that players can be a club owner, club manager, player agent or simply a trader. The game already runs on PC, but will also come to mobile devices.

Every club can only have 1 manager, and there are only 300 clubs. So there will be competition for those positions. In addition each player character in the game can only have 1 agent, and player agents can have multiple players under their wings. Again, competition will likely be fierce. Managers and agents will earn Soccer Manager Coins, or SMC tokens.

Clubs and players can also be owned by users, similar to how fractionalized NFTs work. So users can own a percentage of a club or a player. Based on the performance of the club manager or player agent, they can decide to fire them. Together, as a DAO. So in short, every club and every player functions as a separate DAO. Shares in these players and clubs increase in value when they perform well, and owners can exchange these shares through the internal decentralized exchange.

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