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Chumbi Valley Blends Pokemon and Stardew Valley on Polygon

Chumbi Valley artwork logo

Chumbi Valley is an early-stage blockchain game that aims to blend elements of Pokemon and Stardew Valley on the Polygon blockchain. All game assets will be NFTs or tokens that are earned in a variety of ways. Their goal is to offer a straightforward blockchain game that’s built by listening to community feedback at every step. The project is still in stage 1 of its roadmap, but the concept and litepaper are noteworthy.

Players will spend their time in Chumbi Valley tending their gardens, exploring randomly generated terrain, and raising (and battling) their Chubmi. Chumbi are mythical creatures that inhabit the forested valley. They “have a spiritual connection to the forest” and come equipped with various spells to protect it. 

According to the developers in their recently announced litepaper, Chumbi Valley will be completely free to get started. An “Ancestor Chumbi” helps you accomplish basic tasks and take part in the game, but they can’t be sold or traded. Real Chumbi can be obtained from the in-game marketplace (once it’s live) or in various pre-sales that will be taking place. There will also be a breeding mechanic to allow Chumbi to populate, along with a way to rent other’s Chumbi.

You Need to Know About Chumbi

Once you’ve got your hands on a real Chumbi, you’ll want to level it up and keep it happy. When assigned to the Shrine of Giving (an upcoming stablecoin savings account), a happier Chumbi will have a higher APY. You can level your Chumbi up by battling Cursed Chumbi (NPCs) or other players. Chumbi can also learn and level up spells, which allow it to generate tokenized resources while you are offline. 

The Chumbi itself has a main type, a coat type, and various body parts. The main type will impact combat and breeding, while the rest of the body parts provide passives benefits. There are “almost” an infinite number of combinations between all of the body parts, the main type, and the coat type. Main types are the most important attribute with names such as Flower, Flame, and River.

Not much is known about Chumbi breeding yet, other than the breeding chart (page 8) that showcases the evolution of each type when bred with another type. There are four tiers available, with the top tier only having one possible type: void.

Chumbi will have attacks, passives, and abilities to use as they fight NPCs and other players. As you might expect, every main type, has its own weaknesses and strengths. Players will need to memorize these types advantages to maximize their chance of winning. 

What Will Gameplay Look Like

Based on everything we know about the game, the developers want you to hop on Chumbi Valley and stay there for hours. It doesn’t seem like this is the type of game to play for a few minutes at a time. Instead, the developers want players to sink in like they would with Stardew Valley or Pokemon.

Gameplay is split between three main activities: homebuilding, exploration, and farming. Homebuilding begins as living off the land, but players will be able to clear the forest and build their own home. When in the mood to explore, players can power up an ancient portal to explore randomly generated terrain, where they can find rare NFTs. Seeds can be grown into crops, which require regular watering and can become Chumbi food. 

That’s a lot to do, and that’s intentional. The game wants to provide players with plenty to do and plenty of incentives for doing it. Some of the announced ways to earn include:

  • Battling Cursed Chumbi and players
  • Farming and selling crops
  • Crafting and selling NFTs
  • Offline farming using Chumbi spells
  • Breeding and selling Chumbi
  • Earning APY from the Shrine of Giving
  • Chumbi token staking rewards
  • Chumbi treasure rewards

The game will make use of two tokens: CHMB and LSTS. CHMB is the primary token and is directly tied to the game’s economy. It will be required to participate in the game’s economy, such as buying new items or breeding Chumbi. The token also provides staking rewards. LSTS, on the other hand, is used to care for and grow your Chumbi. 

There will be a Chumbi presale, a Chumbi token sale, and a Chumbi Village presale, however there are currently no dates announced for any of these sales. 

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an in-development blockchain game that will eventually launch on Android, iOS, and PC. Every item and creature in the game are tokens or NFTs. Players will nurture Chumbi, a mythical creature that is central to the game, along with tending their farms and exploring randomly generated terrain. 

The developers say they are inspired by Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, and Zelda. The few visuals currently available from the game show the influences of those titles. The game is currently partially through stage 1 and still has a long way to go before there will be so much as a playable demo. However, it’s an interesting concept and one worth watching.

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