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Hash Rush Explains Upcoming Play Test

Hash Rush screenshot unit gameplay

Vorto Games has provided more details about the upcoming play test for the blockchain-powered strategy game Hash Rush. Starting from September 22nd players can battle, gather resources, craft items and trade them with other players. All these features will initially launch on a test version of the Vorto Network

Hash Rush had its first NFT sale a few weeks back, and things didn’t go very smooth. The blockchain division of Vorto has now been busy revamping the NFT marketplace to make sure things will go better next time. They are now issuing refunds to players affected. However, Vorto Games is a completely different team, and they have been working on the game itself.

In the play test version of Hash Rush gamers need to build and defend their base, gather resources, train their army and defeat monsters. They can use the gathered resources to craft heroes and equipment for these heroes. Keep in mind, there’s some grinding here. Before they go into battle, players can pick three heroes and apply skins to them.

Ultimately Vorto Games will need players to test the game. Gamers can provide feedback about whether the game is enjoyable. In addition they can stress test the multiplayer servers, while also the blockchain mechanics will be evaluated. They need to work well, and not like what happened to the NFT store. Aside from the refund, the team will also hand out a skin… commemorating the disastrous launch with a sense of irony.

What is Hash Rush?

Hash Rush is a real-time strategy game that allows gamers to compete for items, resources and Rush coins. Players work to establish a crystal mining colony on different planets. They can attack enemies to gain more crystals and other rewards. In turn they need to defend their own crystals from threats by building and strengthening their mining colonies.

In Hash Rush a brand-new unexplored planet with mines and deadly secrets. Ernacks are the hard-workers of Hash Rush, they mine crystals, build mines, defend your base, and defeat monsters. Gathering resources is the key to success, and this can be done by mining and defeating monsters. Players need resources to build a base, while different units are available for different purposes.

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