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Xaya Releases Open-Source Bridge for Decentralized Gaming

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Xaya Tech has released Xaya X, an open-source SDK that functions as a bridge between any blockchain and the Xaya blockchain. Xaya X will allow game developers to release valuable NFTs on one chain, but have the consumption economy run on the Xaya technology. Every game action, trade, or tactical choice can be stored and verified through Xaya.

Update: Xaya X allows developers to use Xaya decentralized technology on other blockchains, but without the need to use the Xaya blockchain. So no need to Xaya Core, works on any layer-1 and it can use wCHI.

It’s quote complex is really comprehend, but let me give it a try. On the Xaya blockchain games like Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite use an engine called libxayagame. However, to make this engine run on Ethereum, Polygon or other chains, developers will need to use Xaya X. These games do NOT need to use the Xaya blockchain, but use Xaya technology to make their game system run on the blockchain.

The developers see their product’s blockchain agnosticism as an important feature, as it gives other developers limitless options. Data from a blockchain game on any blockchain will connect to Xaya X. This software functions as a translator between the blockchain and the Xaya platform. After that Xaya will use libxayagame, connect it to the game’s logic and send that back to the game as output.

In simple words, Xaya X creates a bridge with other blockchains. It then allows developers to use NFTs or other assets from any blockchain in their game. While also allowing developers to store game rules on the blockchain, making them provably fair. Developers can check Github for more info.

Xaya expanding its ecosystem

In March Xaya brought its native CHI token to Ethereum, as the development team built a bridge to allow transfers between Xaya and Ethereum. Now there’s a wCHI liquidity pool on Uniswap. In addition they brought the token to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Xaya is the company behind one of the first play-to-earn gaming initiatives ever, Huntercoin. They launched this human-mining game in 2014, years before Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds would make headlines. However, Xaya mainly builds tools to run completely decentralized gaming systems on a player-run blockchain. CHI is the native token of this blockchain ecosystem.

However, they still need to games to achieve that. Any developers can build on top of the Xaya blockchain. Because it connects economically with the wider blockchain ecosystem, developing a game on Xaya just became very interesting. They are working on the football management game Soccer Manager Elite, while they also have the massively online strategy game Taurion in development. For both games we expect more news later this year.

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