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Smighties Crosses the Ether into the Physical Realm

Smighties Universe digital collectibles

The Smighties NFT collection from Reality Gaming Group will soon make its debut as a physical toy collectible. Reality Gaming Group and Herotainment have announced to be working with toys merchandise specialist Toikido. Buying a toy will also give the consumer ownership over an NFT.

The partnership represents Toikido’s first effort in the NFT space. The Smighties toys will hit retail in April 2022, and the collection will include plush, collectibles and trading cards. After this, the franchise will likely expand into other categories around the world as well.

Consumers who buy a Smighties physical toy will notice a QR code in the package. This code directs the buyer to an online portal, which connects to the Smighties Universe. This is an NFT-powered online world where collectors and players can use their NFTs and play with their favorite Smighties. Toy owners can claim a free NFT based on one of the hundreds of characters from the Smighties Universe.

Collectors who want to buy all physical or collect all NFTs, will have some work to do. There will be 136 unique characters to collect, each of them with different attributes, powers and strengths. Gamers can already buy Smighties from the official website.

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