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Forest Knight Getting KNIGHT Token

forest knight token tokenomics

The turn-based strategy mobile game Forest Knight is getting its own token in an effort to truly embrace the concept of a play-to-earn economy. Players can earn and spend the KNIGHT token, rent out their NFTs and so on. Chrono Games wants to make KNIGHT the center of the game’s economy, and it will also give players voting rights.

Chrono Games wants to launch the KNIGHT token as smoothly as possible. Initially they will have a little more than 4 million KNIGHT on the market (2% of the supply), with a listing price of $0.15 per token. Gamers need KNIGHT to purchase items on the marketplace, like for example weapons and accessories.

However, the total supply of KNIGHT has been set to 100 million, with 8% going into private sales and 2% into the public sale. The rest goes to the team, into marketing, and 25% will be put into reserves. In total 45 million KNIGHT goes to the community, of which 1 million initially and the rest split over a 4-year period.

Cities and pets

They will also use the token for the upcoming land sale, where players can build cities. In these cities players can construct buildings, which will then provide players with resources, boosts, NFTs or of course KNIGHT tokens. In the future they will also introduce eggs and pets, which can give player characters a boost.

Following true play-to-earn ethos set by Axie Infinity and Splinterlands, Forest Knight allows players to rent out their characters and other NFTs to others. In addition there will be staking mechanism to earn interest in your KNIGHT holdings. Of course holding the token will also come with voting rights in the upcoming community DAO.


Now there’s one thing we forgot to mention, because Forest Knight is not staying in the Enjin ecosystem. Instead it’s moving to Polygon. Chrono Games praises the blockchain’s transaction speed, adoption rate across the industry, and established position in the industry. Above everything, it will be easy to move Forest Knight over, because Polygon is EVM compatible.

What is Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a NFT-powered turn-based strategy game for mobile devices. In this game it’s your mission to gather a group of adventurers to protect the lands of Chronville. Ultimately you need to find your way to your nemesis, the Skeleton Lord. To do so, you will need to slay ghouls, wraiths, and electro-dragons.

This strategy mobile game offers new quests on a daily basis. There are also story missions and dungeons to earn gold and resources. These items will allow players to upgrade their heroes with improved gear. Forest Knight started as a singleplayer game, but now also features PVP battles.

The game originally launched in October 2019 and was one of the first mobile games to embrace NFTs through the services of Enjin. Currently the game is still exclusive to Android, but of course you can play it on your PC or laptop as well using the Android emulator Bluestacks. Just run it, emulate a phone, setup your Google Play account and download Forest Knight.

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