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Ambitious Plans for Sandbox Game Infinity Skies

Infinity Skies game announcement

The blockchain-powered sandbox game Infinity Skies wants to make an impact, and describes itself as a mix of Animal Crossing, The Sims and Diablo. The game will combine player creativity and social economics with strategy and action-based quest mechanics.

The game is in development by Dreamfuel Games, a studio founded in November 2020. They describe Infinity Skies as a sandbox game, and the core gameplay revolves around building, trading, socializing and adventuring. In the game players will own an island, and these will become hubs for creativity and social gatherings. Players can modify their island, create buildings, add decorations, while also repositioning their island next to friends and other players.

Players can build and decorate their own castle using ‘1000s of NFTs‘. Building will tie in closely with the play-to-earn mechanics of Infinity Skies, as advanced structure presumably generate more income. Players can burn a Feast NFT in order to bump their island to the top of the lobby list, possibly generating more traffic.

Every building block of a castle will be an NFT, and these NFTs come in 8 different rarities. Common is of course the least valuable one, followed by Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. However, the list continuous with Divine, Astral and the most rare one, Royal.

As a player you will have all kinds of options. Players can go for political conquest, or simply travel the world to see the rarest islands. Those who want a bigger challenge can battle monsters, do quests together with friends or dive into dungeons. From their adventures players will earn Treasure Chest, which will come in 3 different rarities.

A bit more technical background

The developers have Infinity Skies in development for Binance Smart Chain. They named the native token for the game Skyblock (ISKY), a BEP-20 token that’s of course ERC-20 compatible. Initially the token will only be available on PancakeSwap. They will lock away 10% of their pre-sale fund, and burn 5% of every Skyblock transaction. There’s a maximum supply of 100,000,000 ISKY tokens.

Similar to modern DeFi projects on BSC, the burn amount gets split. However, the tokens don’t really get burned, but instead are removed from the market. Three percent will go into the play-to-earn reward pool, which gets distributed on a weekly basis. To receive earnings from the play-to-earn pool, players will need to do a certain amount of tasks. In addition 1.5% will go to the Claim pool, while 0.5% goes to the developers.

If you’re interested in Skyblocks or Infinity Skies, make sure to read the whitepaper.

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