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Last Base Crates Synergy of Serra for Sale Now

synergy of serra NFT sale

The upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra has seen a tremendous amount of sales in recent week, having now sold out nine out of ten tiers of their base set crates. In addition the transcendent set crates already sold out. Right now gamers can buy the last 5,363 base crates for $5,50 a piece.

Back in March this year, the team just sold out the first tier. In recent weeks things went fast, and one of the last tiers was almost entirely acquired by one investor, collector or gamer. Synergy of Serra started selling their cheapest card set for $1, and every 20,000 cards the price went up.

Even though gameplay is still a bit far away, players are waiting to open crates and see their cards. In the crates player will not only find cards, but perhaps also legendary objects of which only a few exist. Currently players can stake their acquired crates, allowing them to collect Fame. Ultimately Fame will also have a purpose in the game.

Synergy of Serra now has its own page in the Steam Store, allowing gamers to wishlist the game ahead of its release. The card game is expected to launch next year.

What is Synergy of Serra?

Synergy of Serra is a free-to-play card game, and it allows players to play the game and earn money. Everybody can join the game and use a basic set of cards. However, the blockchain elements adds an extra layer of ownership. This gives players the possibility to really own a set of cards, trade it, sell it and so on. In terms of gameplay, the developers have been inspired by deck-building games like Dominion.

Each player has their own deck, but the deck is developed during gameplay instead of beforehand. Both players create a suitcase of 100 cards, and as a result 200 cards end up on the table. This becomes the card pool from which players draw their cards. Players will need to build an ideal deck. Cards that they don’t need, can be turned into SCRAP. This token can also be used to buy new crates. 

At launch Synergy of Serra will offer 159 different cards, divided in four different sets: promo set, starter set, base set and the transcendent set. In addition there are cards without an ‘edition symbol’. These are regular cards that can’t be traded on the blockchain. Scarcity is measured through the rarity and the quality of a card. A legendary golden card is the most valuable, while a painted metal common card is the least valuable.

Each season, which takes one to four months, the game will have seasonal ladders. These competitive modes have play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn cryptocurrencies simply by being good at the game.

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