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10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in September

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What are the best play-to-earn games to keep your eyes on in September? Some games will release a major update, while other games will have their first pre-sale. As a play-to-earn gamer you always look for that next big hit, but we also shouldn’t forget that we’re still very early. With this article Play to Earn Online Magazine presents 10 play-to-earn games to watch this September.

Please note. This list is not about game launches, but about what’s trending or still in development. The reasons for mentioning these games in this article will be diverse, ranging from good earning opportunities to interesting investments, all the way to simply ‘this game looks dope as f***’. In addition we want to highlight a diverse range of games, so that we won’t mention Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds and Sorare every month. Nonetheless, what ever the reason, we will explain why these play-to-earn games are part of our September selection. Let’s go!

The strategy game Hash Rush has been in development for quite some time, and recently received a complete makeover. Now Hash Rush is ready to move onto the blockchain fully, using the Vorto Network. They had their first NFT sale, and more will happen down the road. Hash Rush is a project to keep your eyes on, as it taps into the upcoming NEAR Protocol blockchain ecosystem. Hash Rush is currently in a closed testing phase.

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Nine Chronicles is an idle role playing game that runs completely on decentralized technology. Starting from September 8th they will have their first competitive arena season with 896,000 NCG in prizes split among the participants. That’s more than $2 million! The prizes will be split between weekly rewards and prizes for the entire month-long event. In addition there will be exclusive NFTs up for grabs, exclusive to the Season 0 event. The competition will end approximately on October 6th. If you’re starting fresh: you will first need to reach level 17 to unlock Arena Mode!

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With their Alpha 6 update live, Chainmonsters is probably one of the most anticipated games on the Flow blockchain right now. The MMO draws clear inspiration from Pokemon, but this time you’re not a glory hunter who wants to become a master trainer. Chainmonsters is a bit darker. Their recently unveiled 3D world and collectible playable assets make Chainmonsters an interesting game. During the alpha, which only 10,000 gamers can access, there are exclusive NFTs to be found!

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Gods Unchained was one of the games that pulled me into the play-to-earn / blockchain gaming space. Immutable recently moved the trading card game to the Immutable X scaling solution, and NFT trading is now thriving… free from transaction hassles. At the same time the team works on the next expansion: Divine Order. In the coming weeks we expect a playable test version of Divine Order on the PTR. Card pack sales will also come, while we’re also expecting more details on the GODS governance token.

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There’s an awful lot of hype surrounding the online action RPG Ember Sword. Their land sale sold out in no-time, and later this month they will organize a community land sale. In addition we’re waiting for news about the token pre-sale, while Bright Star Studios already revealed special NFT sales to give players early access, special perks and an early claim on the native token. I guess that anybody who has ever played an MMO seriously, will be interested in seeing more of Ember Sword.

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We’ve covered The Sandbox quite a lot, and that’s not without reason. The virtual world is all about the play-to-earn economy. Right now designers can create voxel characters or items, and sell them as an NFT on the marketplace. Further down the road you can even create a game, and sell that package as a whole. The Sandbox will become big. Very big. That’s why the upcoming week are interesting as well, because there are land sales involved The Walking Dead. The partnership is with the comic book company, and not with television company AMC.

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My Neighbor Alice is an online social building game in which players need to build their virtual land, interact with neighbors and so all kinds of daily activities. This game is far from finished, but Antler Interactive now lets gamers play an early version of the game. You need some ALICE to join, and until the end of September ALICE tokens owners will have access to the introduction chapter of the game. Worth checking out, in my opinion.

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We all know how crazy popular Fortnite is, but did you also know that there’s an upcoming battle royale mode coming to the online shooter Lightnite? Satoshi’s Games wants to launch the battle royale mode ‘soon’, and this would really change the game for sure. At the same time the developers have added some much more detail to the game: higher resolution avatars, better animations, new gameplay mechanics, etc. Stay tuned for the battle royale mode, but for now Lightnite has Team Deathmatch and regular Deathmatch.

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In general we haven’t covered an awful lot of games on Binance Smart Chain yet. We should also notice that games on BSC tend to be a bit passive and feature lots of idle gameplay, if any real gameplay at all. However, Binemon caught our attention because it simply looks nice. This month they will introduce PVP team battles, allowing players to select a team of mons and fight each other. Binemon taps into the play-to-earn business model and GameFi, allowing gamers to earn DRK and AMB tokens. If you have some BNB laying around, check it out.

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Not going to lie, Guild of Guardians is high on my watchlist. The action role playing game for mobile devices looks like it will swallow my battery, but offer so much fun. It’s not without reason that I bought a couple of guilds. That being said, we expect Immutable to launch their next NFT sale this month. Epic heroes will go for sale with a $55 price tag, while we also expect pets and boosters to be part of the NFT pre-sale event.

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These are the 10 play-to-earn games we are keeping an eye on for September 2021. But of course there’s plenty of opportunity for other games to steal the show. Come and join us on Discord to discuss and learn from each other!

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