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Illuvium Open Beta Postponed in Favor of Bigger Release

Illuvium battle gameplay screenshot esports

The blockchain-powered tactical role playing game Illuvium has postponed its open beta release to early next year, as the developers want to include a lot more content. In two months the team will reveal a gameplay trailer, which will also incorporate lots of story elements. They announced the delay in their Discord channel.

Company founder Kieran Warwick blames himself, because the studio lacks resources to make the progress required. To solve this issue, they’ve hired a full-time recruitment team. In addition Warwick said he believes he was a little naïve, thinking they could deliver a high quality game within a year of its announcement.

Illuvium started development in the Summer of 2020. It’s an auto-battle game inspired by Pokémon and Dota Underlords. They are using Immutable X for their NFT distribution, while token ILV token is already available on a variety of exchanges. ILV currently trades for $498, while it broke the $100 milestone for the first time in July. After that they never looked back. You can find ILV on 1inch.

The entire world of Illuvium is filled with dangerous beasts that players can capture. Most monsters are very common, but there will also be very rare ones. Illuvium promotes the idea that players also become traders: collecting or selling rare and valuable assets. Battles will be automated, determined by the player-selected creatures and actions.

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum blockchain, while using Immutable X. Players journey across a vast and varied landscape to hunt and capture all kinds of creatures, the so-called Illuvials. Together with their little creatures, players need to discover what caused the cataclysm that shattered the world.

From a gameplay perspective, players need to capture creatures. There are initially already more than 100 Illuvials to find and capture. Each monster has different attributes and powers. There are also different classes and abilities. Capture them, upgrade them and combine two Iluvials to fuse a new one. They can then use the catalog of creatures to build a team. With their team players can challenge others through strategic battles. Gamers can earn ILV tokens through play, and become part of the community through token ownership.

Players can store their Illuvials on so-called Shards, a bit like a collectible card. These cards hold the essence of an Illuvial. Obviously these shards can be traded on a marketplace, or given away to a friend.

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