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Binemon Launching PVP Team Battles in September

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The blockchain-powered idle role playing game Binemon will add competitive team battles on September 7th. There will be single PVP battles and an arena mode, where players can compete for the in-game AMB token, also known as Ambrosia.

It will be no surprise that Binemon investors and fans are enthusiastic about the upcoming release. Binemon announced its product early in 2020, and next week it will introduce actual gameplay.

Binemon combines NFT collectibles with idle role playing games. The game uses DRK Chain and DRK Coin for essential transactions like the marketplace and play-to-earn mechanisms. However, BIN is the governance token for Binemon and that exists on Binance Smart Chain. So yes, there’s AMB, BIN and DRK.

The value of AMB is fixed to DRK, as 1 AMB equals 35 DRK. Players earn AMB through battles, which they then can use to convert to DRK or make an in-game purchase.

What is Binemon

Binemon tells a story about an altered world where Binemons have been discovered, alongside the mysterious Binemon Tower. This tower turns out to be able to raise powerful creatures, but it’s also a communication device to other planets. The heroes need to work to take down the tower. In the game players will need pets, which they can level up, breed and use in fights. Through these PVE and PVP battles, players can earn DRK tokens.

Each Binemon consists of 10 different body parts, making them unique. Every time a player hatches an egg or fuses different Binemons, there’s the opportunity to obtain rare body parts and stat bonus. Of course players will want to have the rarest and strongest Binemons out there.

Using their Binemon creatures, players can compete in battles and in the arena. In the addition there are tournaments, while guilds can battle each other in guild wars. Perhaps the biggest challenge will be the battlefield. However, through these competitive battles players can earn Ambrosia and epic items. A higher ranking will also give players some social perks, for example airdrops from partners and sponsors.

Those who prefer PVE battles also have plenty of choice. There’s a campaign with challenging missions, and of course there will be tower battles. Furthermore the team will bring world bosses to the game.

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