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Pandemic Shooter Beta Gets More Game Modes

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Pandemic Games will soon launch a new update for the beta version of their online shooter Pandemic Shooter, which will bring a single-player mode, a zombie mode and new maps. Gamers can download the online shooter through the official website, and earn tokens through the weekly rankings.

Pandemic Games is a Germany-based game studio that’s building a so-called Pandemic Multiverse, tapping into the Enjin ecosystem. With Pandemic Shooter, which is now in open beta, they have made a free-to-play shooter with play-to-earn mechanics. There’s a weekly prize pool, there are daily tournaments and dedicated players can even join clan-based tournaments.

Players can earn Pandemic Diamonds, which they in turn can use to buy skins, weapons and battle packs. Of course, each of these items will be an NFT. Future events might require players to own a certain type of soldier, as each soldier had different attributes.

Downloading the Pandemic Shooter beta is possible through the official website.

Wait, you also mentioned Pandemic Multiverse

Pandemic Games is creating an ecosystem in which gamers can move their assets from one game to the other. These cross-game blockchain items, or NFTs, can be weapons, but also characters, or skins. The developers have Pandemic Shooter currently in open beta, and they plan to launch a space combat game in the coming months.

Even bigger is their plan for Pandemic World, a virtual world in which survival will be key. Players need to compete and work together. There will be quests, side quests and players can take on any role. For example, they can open a club or a store, build a real-estate empire or a resource gatherer.

The entire project seems very ambitious. Whether it will turn out to be too ambitious or not, only time can tell.

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