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First Version Somnium Worlds Now Live

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Somnium Space released the alpha version of their SDK for Somnium Worlds, the private world servers accessible through a portal on a land parcel. Holders of Somnium Worlds NFTs can now create and upload programmable and interactive scenes. Somnium Space is a virtual reality blockchain social world with tokenized in-game assets and land plots.

The Somnium Worlds SDK allows users to make games, custom environments, and other creations. These creations can then be uploaded into the world and shared with other users. With an already active social scene featuring concerts, art shows, and dance clubs, this SDK release should greatly increase the amount of content in the world.

The SDK, or software development kit, integrates with Unity Bolt, a visual scripting solution that lets users without coding experience build their own creations. Users can create models, textures, and animations, design interactive elements, and upload these onto their land parcels.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a virtual world in which landowners can build whatever they want to. The program registers landownership on the Ethereum blockchain by using NFTs. In addition all players can visit these creations and interact with each other. The developers have created Somnium Space with VR headsets in mind, even though players can also access to world through their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Value of land in Somnium Space has been increasing incredibly over the year. We can also see this increased demand for virtual land in other virtual worlds and even in blockchain-powered video games. Once in a while Somnium Space sells new land parcels, either for ETH or their in-world currency CUBES.

Even though Somnium Space allows users to showcase NFTs within the virtual world, you can’t call it a metaverse. Somnium Space is a world within the metaverse. To learn more about what the metaverse is, or what it can become, read this.

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