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My Neighbor Alice Test Version Live August 31st

My Neighbor Alice game screenshot

The virtual building world of My Neighbor Alice will get its first playable test on August 31st, as Antler Interactive will launch a pre-alpha version of the game. The introduction chapter for the game will be available to ALICE token holders until September 30th.

This pre-alpha version of My Neighbor Alice comes with limited amount of gameplay, and of course not all features will be there. This playable test version of My Neighbor Alice will literally offer an early glimpse into the final product, which will arrive during the Spring of next year.

During this introduction chapter of the game, players can meet different NPC citizens of Lummesta, who will hand out small tasks. In addition players can socialize with others, as the game offers a multiplayer social experience.

How to gain access to My Neighbor Alice

  • You will need a Steam account
  • A Chromia Vault account, because the game uses the Chromia blockchain. Here’s a guide for that.
  • And you will need to deposit 1 ALICE token, which you can get back later.
  • Landowners can get priority access
  • You can find a complete step-by-step guide here.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-powered multiplayer builder game in which players build their own virtual lands, interact with their neighbors, do all kinds of daily and social activities, and earn rewards. Anyone can join the world by buying a piece of land, participate in farming, fishing, bug catching, beekeeping, and many other activities. There are quests players can do together, while others are more competitive.

Neighborhoods will be governed by Community Councils. This is basically a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where players can use their ALICE tokens to vote on certain decisions. Furthermore, the DAO will gain more power over time to distribute revenues for additional game development.

In an in-game marketplace, players can sell and buy different items and NFTs. Avatars allow for personalization, while character developments help them to unlock exclusive events and even rewards.

My Neighbor Alice plans to add DeFi elements to the game. NFTs will have collateral, making them more liquid and therefore economically useable. Each NFT gives a monthly interest for holding it, but token holders can also tap into the value.

A share of every NFT purchase will go into a collateral pool, and it’s tied to that particular NFT. If a user needs money, but there’s no buyer, they can lock their NFT and get the collateral instead. The NFT becomes locked and users then need to pay back the money in order to regain control over their digital assets.

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