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Terra World Wants to Build a Virtual Work Environment

Terra World land building artwork

Terra World is a virtual environment where users can work and do business, while owning land and buildings. This virtual world on the Terra blockchain uses NFTs to tokenize everything in their universe, and basically provides a business simulation in a virtual world.

Not much is known yet about this project, as the developers have just announced it. Terra World will use the Terra blockchain, and users can create an account using the Terra wallet. With their account they can make a character to perform certain activities.

Terra World describes itself as a co-working platform that provides users with business functions in virtual offices. The world would be suitable to search for a job, establish funding or create a start-up.

In addition users can remain connect to the virtual world, without being online. Through a messenger service they can learn about Terra transactions, airdrop events, sponsorships and social activities.

Tokens and NFTs

The team behind Terra World wants to introduce a token that users earn by being active on the platform. They call these tokens TWD coins. The idea is that they want to incentivize spending time in the world, and that would ultimately result in the development of new concepts.

Within Terra World users can buy real-estate NFTs, avatar NFTs and decorative NFTs. These NFTs generate passive income, of course paid in TWD. In order to open your own office, you first need to buy a LAND NFT, and then you can use additional resources to build a pre-constructed or customized building.

Terra World is still under heavy development, and the team will reveal more details on their project in the months to come. They still have to work hard, and it makes you wonder whether they also do that inside Terra World.

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