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MyMetaverse Will Soon Launch Grand Theft Auto with NFTs

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MyMetaverse has now added NFTs to the open-world action game Grand Theft Auto V, and they are testing the game in closed alpha. They will launch a special server, labeled as Meta City. All gamers will need to enjoy this version of the game world, is a MetaCitizen NFT.

Let’s take a few steps back, because it’s quite a lot to take in. First of all, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive aren’t involved in this. Because MyMetaverse is an open, cross-world gaming network that taps into Enjin blockchain services. The game runs on a special server, and MyMetaverse basically creates a layer on top of the original game.

When players own a MetaCitizen NFT, they can keep track of their in-game achievements and statistics. This same NFT can also be used to join MyMetaverse in other gaming environments, including Minecraft. Gamers can buy a MyMetaverse profile from the official store. They will need to pay $4,99 for MetaCitizenship. The store also offers a bunch of other NFTs, like vehicles and equipment. The highest price tag for these NFTs is $50, making them quite accessible.

Even though Meta City isn’t live yet in Grand Theft Auto V, we do know that players can earn NFTs through gameplay. However, it’s very likely that these rewards will be limited in supply. MyMetaverse did something similar with their Minecraft server, where players needed to defeat many monsters in order to earn NFT real-estate.

What is MyMetaverse

MyMetaverse isn’t restricted to Minecraft. The project has the ambition to connect multiple game worlds and apps into one interconnected entertainment ecosystem. Think about stuff like characters that live in multiple game worlds, quests across different worlds and so on. MetaCity in Minecraft is one of the first efforts, and more locations in Minecraft will follow. They already for example had Skyblock Quests and Survival: The Wilds. However, the team behind MyMetaverse is also working on a game in Roblox, called Godsands. Aside from GTA5, further down the line you could also think about The Sandbox.

To make this all possible, MyMetaverse uses the tools from Enjin. With Enjin now running an entire ecosystem on their own Ethereum sidechain, it’s possible to mint and transfer NFTs without ever paying gas fees. This makes so much sense from a gameplay perspective.

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