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Topps Launching Bundesliga NFT Trading Cards

topps bundesliga NFT collection

Wednesday August 11th trading card company Topps will launch a new NFT collection using the German Bundesliga license. They named it the Bundesliga Season NFT Collection, which highlights players and teams throughout the 2020-2021 season, including video highlights from young stars and top players.

They will sell two packs. The standard pack costs $10 and offered 5 collectibles, including one guaranteed rare, super rare or epic card. The premium pack has a $85 price tag, and offered 35 collectibles including 1 super rare, epic or legendary card. As usual collectors have a bigger chance of finding rare cards when they buy the more expensive card pack.

Three things are rather interesting about this new NFT collection. First of all these cover the 2020-2021 season, which ended in June. The new 2021-2022 season is about the commence. The other interesting thing is that the NFT are getting minted on the Avalanche blockchain, while previously Topps published all their NFTs on Wax. The real novelty is hidden in the video highlights, which puts the collection somewhat on par with NBA Top Shot.

Originally the NFT collection was scheduled for a release on Tuesday. But Topps postponed the launch of the NFT collection due to technical issues with a third-party global outage.

Sports and NFTs on the rise

It’s not like the marriage between sports and NFTs is anything new. Animoca Brands already had an NFT partnership for the Olympics, through Lympo. They are also working on the NFT football game on the Hedera blockchain. In addition we’ve seen a variety of sports NFTs on the Wax blockchain, think about Major League Baseball. However, NBA Top Shot is of course the biggest example, followed by the fantasy football game Sorare.

According to data from DappRadar, NBA Top Shot has been responsible for $639 million in NFT trading since its launch almost one year ago. The fantasy football game Sorare has seen $97,5 million exchange hands through its NFT-powered game, making it one of Europe’s most promising startups. In a recent blog post I already highlighted why I am bullish on Sorare and their fantasy football game.

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