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Decentraland Launched Beta In-World Builder

decentraland in-world land builder

In their effort to populate their virtual worlds with user-generated content, Decentraland has launched the beta version of their in-world builder tool. Users who own a piece of land in the virtual world, can see their creations come to life as they build inside Decentraland itself.

Before, users need to build their environment and then upload or deploy it in the world. However, right now users can literally build live within the virtual world itself.

This first iteration of the in-world building tool only provides the minimum features required to create, edit and publish content on a land parcel. However, eventually it will replace the current builder and it will incorporate all features users need to build a museum, theme park or mansion.

Over the past 30 days Decentraland has seen $3,2 million in NFT trading volumes, according to data from DappRadar. The virtual world also made headlines when Coca Cola launched their first NFT inside a venue in the virtual world. Over the past few months, several other organizations have also created their home inside Decentraland. For example, auction house Sotheby’s.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual world build on the Ethereum blockchain. Consumers can buy land within this world, and build anything. Currently ownership over virtual land is highly speculative, and the value of these lands increased significantly over the past year. Decentraland launched in February 2020, and players can now visit by using a web browser on a desktop or laptop. The game celebrated its first year anniversary last week.

Within Decentraland people can build all kinds of businesses, including shops for in-game items, art galleries and games. Decentral Games and Metazone are some of the companies that create games within Decentraland. For example, Metazone is selling complete game installations. Landowners can earn money from those creations, while game creators earn a share of the revenue.

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