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Hashmasks Moves into the Gaming Metaverse

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The digital collectibles from the Hashmasks NFT collection will get further utility across the metaverse, including gaming and virtual worlds. The developers of the NFT collection has announced a grant program to empower the community to build applications, environments and services using Hashmasks.

Not only will the team stimulate development from external sources, but they are also developing new things themselves. The developers will launch an avatar NFT series based on Hashmasks, which will be airdropped to Hashmasks owners. They want to create an alignment between the NFT avatar for social media, and the artwork it’s based on.

From a gaming perspective Hashmasks move into the gaming side of the metaverse is more interesting. They already had a partnership with Terra Virtua for some exclusive NFTs. Now they have acquired or will acquire virtual land in four different digital worlds: The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space and Decentraland. On these lands they will create community event, expositions, and museums.

Perhaps even more interesting is that the Hashmasks team will commission the development of a video game. This game should use either the avatar NFTs or the original artworks. Furthermore, the developers expressed their ambition to create a game with play-to-earn mechanics. This would probably mean that Hashmasks will introduce a new token into their ecosystem, even though the native NCT token would also be an option.

More about Hashmasks

Hashmasks is an art project that offers a collection of 16.384 different masks. However, the creators have provided a couple of characteristics that influence value. For example, men are much more common than robots. In addition some characters are holding an item, while others wear a mask. The Hashmasks collectibles also have different eye and skin colors, but on top of that there are hidden treats.

When we’re talking about masks, there are 14 different types of masks and only 12.5 percent of them have an animal mask. Only 5.9 percent wears a pixel masks, while there are only 13 unicorn masks. There are much more varieties, including backgrounds, shirts, hairstyles and colors. The creators emphasize that the most important aspect of rarity, is the fact that owners can change the name.

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