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Dark Country Landowners Need to Be Active

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The developers of the trading card game Dark Country will require landowners to be active, developing their land and creating activities for other players. Landowners need to compete with each other for influence by creating game activities, rewarding players with SDM tokens for participating in them.

SDM is the main token for Dark Country, and it’s called Shadow Dime. Players can use SDM to purchase game assets or trade the token on an exchange. There’s a total supply of 100 billion SDM tokens per blockchain, and every day landowners split 0,0001% of the remaining supply. The more influence a land parcel has, the more SDM it will receive.

The developers have set the basic influence of a land parcel to 100, and it can’t get lower than that. However, land closer to the center of the world will have a higher influence level. Landowners can increase their influence multiplier by creating activities. Influence deflates as well. Simply put, influence shoots up when there’s activity and slowly drops when activity drops.

Landowners can reduce the deflation reduction by staking SDM on their land. For example, 1 million SDM would give 5% deflation reduction, all the way up to 50%. In short, stake SDM on your land and influence levels will stay a bit higher.

What types of land activities

Landowners can setup land activities by hosting activities on their lands. For example, when a land has a tavern it can offer passive quests. These PvE activities allow players to use their heroes, and send them on a quest. Players and landowners will earn resources or SDM tokens.

Gamers can only send their heroes on a quest, when the quest has a similar rarity or lower. The quests themselves will be recurring, so when it will reappear again when completed. However, players can only have 5 active quests at any given moment. Landowners can setup the rewards for their quests manually, and rewards will get distributed when the quests is over. A quests generally takes 24 hours, but rare cards reduce that time. However, a quest can’t take less than 4 hours.

There are more activities. For example, players can stake their reforged heroes in the headquarters. Landlords can start a contract that locks heroes up to 3 months. These contracts can’t be cancelled, and the minimum time is two weeks.

Land gameplay will introduce custom tournaments without any limitations on the quest rewards. In addition there will be land wars, where landowners can battle each other in exchange for influence and SDM rewards. Of course you can also lose influence in these PVP fights.

What is Dark Country?

Dark Country is a trading card game on the Wax blockchain. The game combines elements from classic western movies with the occult. The Chief tried to call upon the ancestral guard, but instead woke an ancient evil. Now there are four groups, with cowboys, criminals, Indians, and undead demons. Players pick one of these groups for their hero powers and build decks with the cards in their inventory.

The Exodus card series was sold during the pre-sale. These cards come with a mechanic called Inspire. The more inspire-cards a player has, the more powerful the abilities of the Natives become. Each faction has ten inspire-cards, while the neutrals have sixty.

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