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Earn REVV Racing Car NFTs Trough SushiSwap


Animoca Brands is giving away REVV Racing car NFTs to users who provide liquidity to trading pools on SushiSwap. In particular, it’s about the REVV-TOWER and REVV-GMEE liquidity pools. Users need to add at least $1,000 of value before the end of July 26th.

These promotional events are meant as a reward to GMEE and TOWER token holders. Users need to provide liquidity for the REVV-TOWER or REVV-GMEE liquidity pools of at least $500 for each token. In short, you’d need to provide $500 of REVV and $500 of either TOWER or GMEE. Users need to provide this liquidity from July 26th, 23:59 (UTC) until at least 2 August 2021 23:59 (UTC). Adding too late or remove too early, will make you ineligible for the NFT airdrop.

Just to be sure, these are the liquidity pools on SushiSwap where you can earn the REVV Racing car NFTs:

The REVV Racing car NFTs will drop into user crypto wallets by August 6th. Last week MotoGP Ignition collectors already received a REVV Racing NFT.

Merging DeFi and gaming

Providing liquidity on SushiSwap isn’t real gameplay, and we can’t consider it part of the REVV Racing gameplay mechanics. However, the way Animoca Brands is distributing the NFTs highly emphasizes the merging of DeFi and gaming. This is all about a gaming project using a the REVV crypto token, and this game uses DeFi mechanics as a way to boost its economy and promote itself.

In this instance the DeFi connection is purely promotional. However, there are plenty of instances where gaming and DeFi really merge. Every gaming project on the blockchain with its own token, uses a degree of DeFi. Gaming projects need DeFi to establish their economy. At the same time DeFi adds elements of gamification.

Win races, earn tokens

On August 11th REVV Racing will launch their public alpha test, together with the Alpha Inaugural. This will be a racing event with $150,000 in prizes. The Alpha Inaugural racing event will take place from August 11th until 17th.

Players will compete for the fastest lap times using their REVV Racing car NFTs. The top prizes in the Alpha Inaugural event are $12,000 for first place, $9,000 for second place, and $4,500 for third place. Animoca will hand out 1,000 prizes in total, all paid in REVV tokens. Number 1,000 will still win $59,41 in REVV tokens, so that’s pretty nice.

What is REVV Motorsport?

The REVV Motorsport ecosystem is a series on blockchain-based racing games published by Animoca Brands. These games all use the native REVV token, which they can earn through gameplay participation. They can then use the token to purchase NFTs for the games or pay entry fees for the races.

Players for example need to pay an entry fee to join in F1 Delta Time’s game modes. In addition they can stake the token and earn in-game assets that way, while NFT owners can also stake their assets. This will earn them REVV.

The ecosystem supports games on Polygon, Ethereum and supposedly – even though we don’t know how – Flow. Right now F1 Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition, Formula ENight Driver, Fatal Run and REVV Racing are confirmed as part of the REVV ecosystem.

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