SushiSwap Miso to Host MaidCoin IDO in August

sushiswap miso maid coin NFT IDO

MaidCoin will launch their own MAID tokens through an Initial DEX Offering, or IDO, on token launch platform Miso by SushiSwap on August 4th. These tokens will be sold through a Dutch auctions, which means that the price will drop until the available tokens sold out. MaidCoin unveiled the token launch in a recent blog post.

Starting from Wednesday August 4th at 00:00, the sale will launch on SushiSwap’s Miso platform. The MAID tokens will sell at a starting price of 0.015 ETH per token. The price will drop until all 30,000 tokens sold out.

Those who are interested in participating in the token sale, will need to have MetaMask installed. In addition they will need some ETH to purchase the MAID tokens. When the auction will happen, the MAID token page can be found on SushiSwap’s Miso page. Users can claim their tokens when the sale has ended.

What is MaidCoin

MaidCoin is a gamified DeFi platform where users acquire NFTs, that earn MAID tokens as rewards. Users can use MAID tokens to join passive raids, which will give participants a NursePart NFT after one, two or three days. Players need to collect NursePart NFTs, and combine them into a predefined set. They will then forge a Nurse NFT, and that’s the ultimate goal. These Nurse NFTs generate passive income, paid in MAID tokens.

The gamification of MaidCoin is hidden in the element of collecting. Not only do you need multiple NurseParts, but there’s also a variety of different Nurse NFTs. Each of these has different strengths, and therefore generates more or less yield.

Later in August MaidCoin will also sell 24 Maid NFTs on Ethereum and 6 on Polygon. These are very rare and powerful NFTs in the MaidCoin ecosystem. These Maid NFTs make it easier to generate Nurse NFTs. All those NFTs, each of them following the ERC-721 standard, will be sold on the upcoming SushiSwap NFT marketplace, Shoyu. More about MaidCoin and gamification in our previous article.

You can follow MaidCoin on Twitter or Telegram. You can also read the announcement post on Medium.

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