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Sorare Integrating StarkWare Scaling Solution Today

sorare fantasy football

Today is a big day for fantasy football game Sorare, as they are introducing an Ethereum scaling solution developed by StarkWare. This will make sure that all offers, reward claims and transfers are instant. In addition the company behind the game no longer needs to pay all the gas fees for every card transfer on their platform.

On Wednesday at 8:00 AM CET they have begun the migration. All offers and auction bids of new cards have been cancelled. Players can’t deposit or withdraw anything. When the transfer happened smoothly, they will push the first few auctions live at 9:00 AM CET. About 30 minutes later a dozen new auctions will be added. When these auctions end around 11 AM, and they are happy with the performance, everything will re-open.

According to Sorare it will take a few days to reach the instant transaction speed with their new zk-rollups scaling solution. Eventually all future trades and purchases will happen in a matter of seconds. They are using layer-2 technology developed by StarkWare. They are also the team behind Immutable X. You can be sure that this solution isn’t a sidechain, but a layer-2 with transaction finality on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to play Sorare

You can play Sorare for free, but that takes away lots of the excitement to be fair. You need to purchase collectible player cards, and the players on these cards will become your team. Each game week you select the players, each represented by an NFT card, of which you think they will perform best.

For every game week managers will need to select a team from the player card collection. They will need one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one attacker and an extra field player. Players earn points based on the real-life performance of those players. Therefore players that play regularly, are active in winning team, hardly make mistakes, and score a lot of goals, are generally valuable. Each card can only be used once during a game week, but if you have enough cards you can join in multiple leagues.

If you make enough points, you will earn 0.01 or 0.02 ETH. Are you among the best? Then you will receive a free card, which are much more valuable. Learn more on how to play and earn in Sorare here, or sign up for the game here.

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