Day 3: Star Atlas, Space Misfits & New Adventure Puzzle

play to earn game festival day 3

Today visitors of the Play to Earn Game Festival get to discover two new giveaways for Space Misfits and Star Atlas, while the next phase of the Echoes of Empire space adventure continues. The recruits have barely made it to reactivate the teleport, and now another challenge arises…

First a message from Commander Haas,

Recruits, a simple calculation seems to be quite the challenge. We barely managed to fix the teleport. Now you have access to the upper floor. One problem though… the door to the Command Center is jammed. Use the teleport in the Research Lab to reach the upper floor, and find out how to help us fix it. We need to get access to the Command Center in order to launch the S1A Zofia with all its precious resources!

Your participation in this story-driven adventure is needed, because only when enough people participate, we can reach the next stage. Every phase we register who’ve competed and who performed well. Based on their score, players compete for $1,000 prize money, paid in PLAY tokens!

What’s happening today?

  • Existing giveaways are still active. Make sure you sign up for the Cometh one as EVERYBODY can win an NFT there!
  • In addition you can still sign up to adopt an alien for in The Sandbox. Don’t miss out!
  • New to the list of giveaways, are some awesome spaceships to use in the action-packed space exploration game Space Misfits.
  • In addition we’ve got an awesome giveaway for Star Atlas, a major blockchain-powered space MMORPG on the Solana blockchain!

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What is Play to Earn Game Festival

The Play to Earn Game Festival aims to promote blockchain gaming, the metaverse and play-to-earn mechanics in particular. It takes place inside Cryptovoxels, a virtual world powered blockchain technology and accessible through any internet device with access to a web browser. Check out our festival page!

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