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Blankos Dropping NFT for LGBTQ+ Pride Charity

blankos pride nft

A few weeks after Pride Month, Blankos Block Party keeps celebrating. Tomorrow they will drop the Pride Dragon Blanko NFT and its Pride Accessory NFT. All proceeds for this NFT sale will go to a local Seattle LGBTQ+ charity organization, and Mythical Games will match the complete sales.

So far Blankos has done brand collaborations with Deadmau5, and announced one with Burberry. But Mythical Games realized their impact can also benefit charities and communities that need support. Even though Pride Month is already over, support for the LGBTQ+ should never end. That’s why Mythical Games will donate its proceeds to Lambert House in Seattle.

The Pride Dragon Blanko NFT will cost $9,99, while the accessory will have a $4,99 price tag. The sale will start at 10PM UTC on Thursday, July 15th 2021. Yes, that’s tomorrow.

What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is an open-world multiplayer game styled like a giant block party. The game has a focus on building, exploring, and curating your collection of unique and rare Blankos. The game is coming to PC, but will very likely also make an appearance on console systems. Blankos Block Party is using blockchain technology from EOSIO, similar to EOS and WAX.

Blankos Block Party is a party game in which users can enjoy curated and user-generated content. This can range from races to shooting challenges, from platforming to other crazy stuff. Users can build creations on the fly using assets available to them, while venturing into new adventures with their personally owned Blankos characters. Blankos Block Party focuses on user-generated content, and it introduces a frictionless NFT Marketplace.

Blankos uses the so-called dGoods format for its NFTs. The team at Mythical has built their dGoods system in such a way that NFTs can move across different chains. Because this way they want to make sure that the technology doesn’t limit the liquidity for players.

For more info, check out our Blankos Block Party Guide and Review or visit

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